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 Unexpected things [training]

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Aaron Hale


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PostSubject: Unexpected things [training]   Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:22 pm

Aaron rolled his sore shoulder slowly, green eyes narrowing as they focused upon a single object in the distance. His mind was concentrating upon the single object only around twenty meters ahead of him, lip smoothed into a single line that belied the concentration that he was putting into it. If he could master this power he had, maybe he could use it to do more than simply blasting things with a wave of force like he could usually do. Holding an open palm out towards the object he released a single psionic blast of energy that shattered what was a glass bottle into tiny pieces. That was of course nothing for him to do, nothing for a power like his that only required concentration. If only Sean could see what he could do, he would be amazed by the skill. Aaron found himself smirking despite himself at the thought that he could surprise the younger male with something like this, an involuntary blush creeping across his cheeks.

Stepping backwards a few inches, Aaron let out an involuntary sigh as he ran a few fingers through his blonde hair. The empty basketball yard was the perfect place to practice his talent, as long as no one else happened upon him practicing his power. Quickly putting the now broken bottle into a small brown paper bag, Aaron deposited the bag into a backpack as his eyes darted around to the empty area around him. His Nikes tapped lightly against concrete that had worn from constant rains that pounded against it, wearing it away slightly. This was enough training for one day; he could do more later when he wasn’t busy with whatever he had to do these days. ” So,what to do now?” Aaron muttered under his breath as he walked out onto a sidewalk that would lead him to his home.

The simple apartment complex was well designed and decent really for a low end complex at any rate, his mother standing pout in the front with arms crossed over her chest. A single cigarette hung between her lips as the translucent smoke curled from the cancer laden stick, the end an angry glowing red. Her blonde hair was allowed to flow down her back in an unbidden fashion that made her seem to radiate a wild beauty that most women didn’t have these days. ”Getting some fresh air now are we?” Aaron asked raising an eyebrow as he stood beside her. He leaned against a rusting old railing that seemed like it would fall at any second, yet held his weight as if it were nothing.

”Yeah,the air has been changing. I can feel a great change coming, something that will shake everything.” She said in her usual archaic tone that held no sarcasm in it. He knew that whatever she said would have to be taken seriously, that was just how it was really.

”Oh really, guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.” Aaron said offhandedly as his eyes drifted to the sky, mind wondering things that many people did wonder. His eyes narrowed into slits as they returned to earth. ”So, what do you think it is?” he asked ending a short silence.

”I don’t know, possibly a storm.” Aaron nodded accepting this. His mom had a strange sense, though he just wrote it off as some sort of magical sense thingie. If she really could sense these things, he was not sure of but wouldn’t question the validity of the statement. That would only lead to an unwanted argument that he would not get into.

”Well I’m going to go see Elena; I’m sure she’s lonely without Sean around.” Aaron said before walking away, not really giving a chance for anyone to stop him. The complex where she lived was only a good block down and he needed the exercise anyway. His mind wondered along the way, mostly into a stream of thoughts that seemed unintelligible at best. Aaron would have to ask something of the woman known as Elena Marie, a person who he knew was no ordinary woman herself. Perhaps she could help him where he could not learn on his own.

After the seemingly long trek he found himself in front of the complex, his eyes trained upon the door as he mentally prepared himself for whatever was beyond it, his green eyes narrowing before he took a step forward and knocked lightly upon the door with his pale knuckles until the woman came to answer it. Her red hair was twisted into a bun but it did not dampen the smile upon her red lips. He knew that she was quite fond of him and that could be used to his advantage if he spoke correctly. ”Would you mind if I asked you a question Miss Collin?” he said with a polite smile as she opened the door for him and motioned for him to enter. He could see that she was not exactly ready to be seen by anyone, with her hair mostly unkempt and face for the most part cosmetic free. It felt strange seeing her like that but he simply shrugged it off.

Taking a seat on the small blue love seat, Aaron looked at the potentially powerful women sitting down across from him. Taking a deep breath before he would try to show her what he could do, see if she could offer him help in this department. ”How can I help you?” She asked quizzically raising an eyebrow as she waited for an answer. His mind reeled for a second befor eh answered her, his lips parting as they suddenly felt dry.

”I kinda need your help.” he said his voice unnoticeably cracking as he thought of how to voice the question. Elena raised an eyebrow as he voiced this concern which was followed by more. ”I know what you can do.” he palm moved up as it let out a small pulse of force that hit a potted plant and caused the pot to shatter upon impact. Dirt was sent everywhere while Aaron looked at her with an almost blank expression.

”I assume you need help controlling your volatile gift.” Elena noted raising an eyebrow as she stood to her feet, finally understanding what the young man wanted. ”I can help you Aaron Hale, if that’s what you want.” She said standing to her feet now curious of the development that was presented to her, one that she would not pass up. She had heard of the Hale’s developing gifts before but that was something that had not happened in ages. It was something that was relatively new to the family, or at least restarting it seemed. Pale arms crossed over her arms as she thought over how she would go about training him, considering that his powers seemed different than Sean’s in many regards. His was not the mental manipulation of water but the mental manipulation of telekinetic forces or so her observation gave.

”So when can we begin training?” He seemed to jump ahead of himself almost with an expectant look in his eye, waiting for a response that would say soon. The red haired witch curled her lips into a smile before she motioned for him to follow.

”I suppose we can get to the basics, not like I have anything important to do.” Elena ceded adorning a thin black jacket before stepping out of the door, waiting for the young blonde to follow after. She had a more secluded place to practice his strange abilities but it wouldn’t be the same as her son, seeing as his was just forming and would have been more easily tapped into with the radiant magic of the field to boost it. Aaron’s was more fueled by the power of his mind and thus would not need any sort of boost from one as powerful as his. That was of course what she planned to do but nothing ever goes as planned really when Elena was concerned, a dark figure looming over the pair who was walking along with not a care in the world. Its shape was an amorphous black that gave it the appearance of a shadow given a solid form. A single strand of the shadowy substance akin to a tongue licked around an opening that was its mouth before it disappeared in an instant.

”What you have is something called the Mages Gift.” Elena explained to the young male that sat in front of her on a small concrete bench, his eyes trained upon her with intense focus. ”It’s a trait passed down in some families, especially ones with a powerful magical background. You carry the Hale’s powerful gift of telekinesis and one that very few inherit.” She raised a single index finger towards the heavens. ”I have inherited the fire gift as I am sure you are aware of.” She held her palm upwards as what seemed like a small blue fire sprang to life, causing the air around it to ripple from pure heat alone as the flame grew.

Aaron looked upon the powerful flame with awe as it grew even higher until it was a fireball the size of a basketball. ”This is but a small example of what I am capable of. I could do so much more really.” She said letting the fire shrink as it disappeared in a small cloud of smoke. ”Now let’s see what you could do, your power is far different than mine. It doesn’t control one of the elements but is still a gift, so that would make it difficult for me to train conventionally.” She rubbed her chin thoughtfully as she mused over the problem. This would be difficult but she would think of a way to deal with it.

That was when what seemed like a dark figure jumped in between them, its form like that of a blur as what seemed like a lashing tail aimed to slice into Aaron’s stomach, though it seemed to meet an invisible barrier that forced it to jump back. His arms were up protecting his face as if it would do anything to help. It narrowed its red slitted eyes before what seemed like tendrils lashed out at the two only to be met with a wall of fire that caused a scream of pain to echo across the streets. ”Damn you witch.” It hissed as smoke rose from the flesh that was scorched by her, green eyes dangerously narrowed. She would not stand to have her student attacked by a worthless monster.

”I should say the same of you demon. What are you doing in my territory?” She demanded with white teeth bared, an aura of animosity seeming to radiate that would scare even the bravest. Fire seemed to pour from her hand as it licked at the concrete below her and even melted some of it as it was reduced into a sticky, tar like puddle. ’I will give you one second to run away before I end your sorry existence.” her eyes glowed for a second as the fire turned a white color that only increased in heat before turning back to orange. It was unphased by the display of power.

’You have not enough power to back that threat up Crimson Witch. I know what has happened to you and you are not as powerful as you once were.” It cackled to itself as its breath became a visible red mist that slowly began to condense at its feet. Aaron had a feeling that it was not something that he would want to touch but was unsure of what really to do except stare in awe at the deadly looking mist slowly spread along the ground. If they were not in such a secluded place, people would have already called for help. Now was the time to think of something to do against this monstrosity. His mind instantly went to cutting it up, though how it went to that was beyond the young blonde. Maybe if he severed its head he could kill the demon here and now. Without even a prompt a ripple of air shot out at the thing, catching it by surprise as it tried to move out of the way, not in time to prevent its arm from being nearly cleaved in twain. Black blood squirted out of the damaged limb, followed by a bestial screech that curdled the blood in his veins. It hissed at Aaron before leaping back and its acidic seeming blood sprayed on the ground before seeming to melt the concrete.

”Acidic blood, as I thought.” Elena muttered as she sent out a stream of flames from her outstretched palm. The demon pushed itself to the side as it dodged the powerful stream of fire that nearly hit it, the flesh that held its arms on slowly squirting out a stream of blood. It would bleed out soon at this rate, if it were a regular human. In that instance it seemed as if the area melted and melded back into a viable limb, as if it had healed instantly. Aaron cursed under his breath as he took an approximation of a fighting stance, ready for whatever it would do.

The thing dashed forward with an inhuman speed as it aimed to grab Aaron by the neck, its claws cold against his neck, Elena barely able to perceive the movement as her fire tried to stop it. It quickly moved as he was sent through the air, his body feeling it sailing through the empty expanse. His sense of balance was thrown for a loop as he felt himself scream and then he fell.

There was that falling feeling for a second, expectation of the darkness that came with death; possibly even the exploding pain of having his bones break upon impact and then bleeding out. It never came though,only this weightlessness and his eyes closed tightly, slowly opening to the sight of the sky above him. Aaron was flying. He willed himself to look at the ground, to turn downward,his eyes now looking upon Elena battling the powerful being that was deftly dodging powerful streams of flame.

It was all about thought, this power that he was gifted with. Maybe he could do more if he really tried but what could he do? Aaron willed himself to land, to land atleast a good five meters away from the two battling. He would need the distance to be able to get a clear shot at its head or atleast make it open long enough for Elena to kill it. Concentrating and envisioning it happening, Aaron closed his eyes and imagined the things head being taken off. His eyes opened as the ripple was launched,the thing turning around to have its neck meet with the powerful blade that cut through it, its growl coming out as a choked gurgle. It slumped to the ground as Elena moved upon it with purpose. Its red eyes moved ot her with rage still within them.

”Thank you Aaron.” She said with a sagely tone that was tinged with exhaustion. She held a palm to its head which seemed to be trying to right itself, as a stream of fire erupted from it but a pure white color that caused the things skin to bubble and melt. The thing melted in about six seconds, reduced to a bubbling puddle that slowly began to fade from existence. He stared at the spectacle in awe, his green eyes widening.

”Damn Shadow Daemons, always meddling with me because their masters think it funny to try and kill me.” Elena grumbled as she spat where the puddle was. ’made me waste holy fire on them.” She seemed extremely unpleased by that. Looking at Aaron with an expression that quickly changed, she smiled. ”We ll I suppose that was as good of a training as it ever would be.” Elena said before shrugging as she quickly went to check his neck. ”Nope,no marks.” She said smiling to herself before turning around.

”What now?” he ventured to ask raising an eyebrow, a little confused by all of what had happened. He had never seen something like that before but he knew that he could have died today. That alone made him a little worried if something would spring around the corner in an attempt to end his life. ’Are we still in danger from more of those things?”

”No, it seems like we are safe for now. You’ve seemed to have learned better under stress, which is good. Not sure I could have handled that Daemon alone. Go home and rest,we can do more training tomorrow. Hopefully we won’t get attacked by something else.”

Aaron hoped so too.
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Aaron Hale


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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected things [training]   Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:25 pm

Tactile Telekinesis- Telekinetic Forcefield- Telekinetic flight and Telekinetic cutting trained
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Unexpected things [training]
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