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 The Mage's gift: Part 2 [training]

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Sean Collin


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PostSubject: The Mage's gift: Part 2 [training]   Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:02 pm

Training day 2: Revelations

Sean stood in the same training area, his eyes scanning over the light blue sky that stretched over him, his mother stood in front of him with a quizzical expression, lips stretched into a thin line. Today would be his second training session with his mother, a time he would learn only more about his gifts, one that he had only began to grasp not too long ago. He was still nowhere close to mastering them but he was beginning to understand them a little bit. His hands clenched tightly as he waited for the next lesson, one that he was sure would be useful. ”You did good so far yesterday but we still have more to do than that. I will teach you today on how the destructive nature of water can be just as prevalent as the restorative part of it.” Elena explained,fingers stretching out to brush over the soft grass below her feet.

"Grass is filled with water, as is any living thing that exists. They are a great source and one that you can tap if you reach deep enough.” Elena explained as her eyes looked out to the space around them. "Also the air around you has molecules of water that can be condensed into solid water, all for you to be able to use if you really need it. The world is full of the element if you look hard enough; even people have water within their bodies.” Elena added pulling the small matchbox from her pocket and striking it as fire jumped to life from the tip.

”Fire is similar to water and so very different. They both will seek to spread if given the opportunity and both can be hard to control once out of hand.” The small flame grew into one that seemed to coil around her but was still under her tight control. ” A strong mind can control these willful elements, though not master them. They are an extension of yourself and nothing more, not something that you have under your thumb.” With a single thought the fire was put out, leaving behind the smell of a burning match.

Sean nodded at the explanation given as he sat cross legged on the green grass. So he could draw water from all of the plants around him? Sean reached out his range of influence, reaching for any available water that he could find. It felt as if something were rejecting him, as if the plants would not give forth the water that they held within them to him; a stronger conscience it seemed. Sean exerted more of his will upon them, demanding that they give him the water that they held, as everything seemed to fall away in that instance and there was only this. His mind became a black slate that was decorated with numerous shining points, more numerous than the stars in the sky that blipped across his mind’s eye. Amidst that was the sound of his heart beating slowly, something that reached his ears.

”Come.” It was a singular mental command that seemed to resound as if within a room. In an instant he could feel a resonance that shook him to his very core,one that was as if a very familiar friend were coming to him and within that instance it felt as if a part of him stretched out; grabbing all of the water to pull in.

Sean’s eyes shot open as they saw what seemed like a vast quantity of water spiraling around him in a torrent, more than he had ever had under his control before but the grass in a large circle around him was a sickly yellow color. The price for the life giving fluid was that all of these plants die for it, that he drains them of their precious life blood. Elena looked at him with a silent bemusement, her red lips in a thin line that betrayed no emotion. This was of course not the entire lesson but only part of it. Sean could feel that this small triumph was only the beginning of something greater. ”Let’s take a break. I’m sure that you tired yourself out with that one.” She said handing him a bottle of water as the water seemed to congregate into a vast puddle. She was right of course, he needed a little rest.

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Sean Collin


Posts : 38
Join date : 2012-09-21

PostSubject: Re: The Mage's gift: Part 2 [training]   Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:04 pm

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The Mage's gift: Part 2 [training]
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