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 Kana' training (Invite only)

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Flash Prime

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PostSubject: Kana' training (Invite only)   Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:40 pm

As she walked down the street she looked directly down upon the street she was walking on. It had nice intricate patterns that represented a dragon eating a tiny little mouse who had thousands of gray little furs that covered the entirety of it's body. The dragon was a large dragon, going about forty feet long and fifty five feet wide. It was a marvelous depreciations. It was all about what she saw within the pattern on that piece of concrete she was looking at. This concrete must of had a long history... Indeed it has, it had a long history of people stepping on it. Spitting gum at it— The concrete must of had a sad, sad life. A miserable life where people used it to simply step all over on. People took advantage of this poor piece of concrete. Kana's eyes started to water as she thought about how sad and meaningless the life of the concrete could of been like if it was a real living thing. So, so sad. WHY! WHY! Why! Why did we make it to only to abuse it so. Why do we make anything? Why is it related? WHY! Kana had some many questions about the miserable lonely life of the concrete. "WHY, CONCRETE WHY!" Kana yelled into the rain. No one was there around her. It was the dead of night, no soul around for the nearest 200 meters. Each step on the street she did, she felt worst and worst. She started to bawl out years faster than the speed of light. Every tear drop, shone like the moon itself during a black night, the blackest of nights ever. She was crying upon every step she took. She picked up a Rubberband that she found on the floor in front of her. "At least you will under stand me." She said, picking it up. The rubber band appeared to be dirty, and she found more intricate patterns inside of the dirt of the rubber band. It was a large rhino, running directly at a large black stone in front of it. The horns would be pointing out, attempting to slam into the rock and break through it attempting to smash through the rock to freedom as if the rock was the only thing preventing it from being free. Truly free, never having to do anything else ever again. Never having to fight for justice, fighting crime. On the other side of the rock.,the rhino would live forever in harmony. Away from all negative feelings and everything. Free from disease  sickness death and all bad and negative things that exist in the world we love and live in dispiste the bad and evil that comes from the world we love and live in. The evilness that we have to deal with everyday. Just because eve wanted to eat from the tree of knowledge and know that we are naked. Then cause all of these evils to become real and wrong us. Kana knew she was thinking too deep into this. It was becoming too personal too fast just because of a stupid concrete block and the fact that she saw things inside of everything. She slowly put both of her thumbs into two different parts of the rubber band she picked up. She began to make it assume the launching position. It was extremely sad, she didn't want to throw the rubber band away. Suddenly, on the rubber band, she saw a small ant running quickly around the circumference of the rubber band. It was speeding around it, moving extremely fast. Faster than most people she saw, how fast this ant was moving was impeccable. It was very frieghting... She shrieked in shock, her loud scream vibrated throughout her essence. It was horrifying. Seeing that bug, no that animal! No that MONSTER! Speed around that rubber band like that. It was extremely painful and heart breaking to look at. As soon as she dropped it, it felt like everything was in slow motion. She saw the ant began to slowly fall off the rubber band and start to crash into the hard hard earth below it. She suddenly saw the ant scream, with the exact same shriek she recently just released from her vocal cords. It reverberated from her entire being. She started to stretch her finger to catch the screaming ant. As soon as she was  certain that she had caught it, she felt nothing. She pondered at the dragons in the ground, looking for her dear ant. She knew that she had caught it. Was she hallucinating? She pondered the possibilities of that as well, but that wasn't plausible! She was certain she saw and felt that bug! She heard it! There was no way she could of imagined that. It was simply implausible, it was impossible. It can't be possible for that to of happened. She suddenly had a itchy feeling on her back. The ant was running up and down it. She shrieked once more and jumped to the ground rolling back and forth. Why! Why, did the ant require to scare her so!  Why was the ant so mandated to scare her so! She shrieked the ant shrieked! Why was it imitating her, this was definitely one of the scariest moment of her life. She caught her breath ever so suddenly, as soon as she stopped screaming... The ant stopped screaming. She opened her mouth to take a breath... Then, "AHHHHHHHHHEUEUUUUUUGHHHHH!"The ant screamed, this shouldn't be possible! Ants shouldn't be able to scream! Why was this all happening to her! Suddenly, everything she saw and felt became clouded with the color green. She screamed once more as she saw anther huge thing that shouldn't exist crawl directly on her body. The giant centipede was crawling up her boy as she rolled back and forth on the con create trying to smash the giant bug off of her body. Why was this happening, she didn't know it wa all too ethereal. Was it because she could feel and see the spirits inside of the inanimate objects? Was it because her senders were all so acute and strong. Little did she know, she was going slowly crazy and insane. Maybe, it was related to that tattoo and those brownies she got while she was at a concert. Along, with that drinks he innocently took from that crazy guy. Tha all had happened 12 hours before what is currently happening to her body now. It was terrifying, little did she know. She was extremely high and intoxicated.

(Words 1433)
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Flash Prime

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PostSubject: Re: Kana' training (Invite only)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:49 pm

The sun was shining the birds were chirping and all was well. Well… almost. Once again  Kana had found herself in the  yard. Her chin was set and her eyes narrowed as she stalked through a forest muttering curses under her breath. Her old teacher had come up with an excellent technique for the heroine to learn before leaving. Whilst the girl agreed the technique was nothing short of excellent the only way to train it was for her to go about her day as usual and random people would attack her until she learned to always be slightly guarded or something like that.It hadn’t made a lot of sense to her then and it didn’t make a lot of sense to her now but she would play along none the less. Her first mundane task of the day was walking home, or really stomping home if her action really dictated what she was doing. Her eyes were set straight ahead and narrowed into an elegant glare. A small rustling in the nearby bushes was ignored by the angered girl. Before she knew what had happened she was knocked to the ground by a small child who giggled loudly before running back into the forest much to the astonishment of the blind sided Kana.“Was I just mauled by a child?” The girl asked as she unceremoniously righted herself and dusted off her dirt stained pants. She progressed on the journey home, her senses keen for an attack now. There was no way that little brat would be able to surprise her a second time, she would make sure of that. As she arrived at home she pressed through her gate and smiled, relaxing slightly at the sight of her beautiful home. As soon as she relaxed slightly she felt something crash into her legs. Her body sprawled forth across the ground and a cloud of dirt rose into the air. The heroine screamed her outrage.Once more the heroine would rise to her feet still screaming her annoyance as she slammed her gate shut. She leaned against the gate for a moment before stalking towards the house. All the way across the front lawn she went until she reached the front door. She opened the door and instantly slid a foot to the right from her position. A child seemingly fell from the sky onto her door step. Immediately the girl pounced and pinned the offending child to the ground, rubbing her knuckles against the kids head as she did so. “There how do you like that?!” Kana exclaimed loudly.A puff of smoke encompassed the air around the heroine causing her to hide her eyes for a moment. When she opened them she looked down to the captive child. Imagine her surprise when she saw not a child but a log from the side of the porch step in her pin. The girl stood up straight and looked around. She was miffed and amazed. These damn kids were too smart for their own damn good, she decided finally before entering her house, slamming the door, and locking it for good measure. She was still in a state of stunned amazement at being beaten by an eight year old. She really was getting old…Once safely inside her home Kana realized the training was going to continue. Her old sensei had insisted she learn it to her own level, just in case. She rolled her eyes and muttered darkly to herself. She quickly decided she couldn’t train another technique at the moment thus she would opt for the absolute mundane of house work. First on her list was laundry. She quickly went about the house, gathering up all of her clothes which were strewn about the house in what seemed to be an explosion of garments. Somehow she gathered them all up and even stripped off her outer kimono before gathering Mukuro’s. The jerks clothes were piled neatly in his basket. As she took the baskets outside, balancing them precariously, she realized she hadn’t done laundry since Mukuro had moved in. It was a wonder either of them had clothing left to wear. She began sorting his things into the washtub noting that he was fond of dark colors. She loaded in all of what appeared to be his pajamas into the tub and reached into the basket for another dark garment. She lifted out a pair of boxers and blushed furiously, dangling the offending garment from her fingertips as if it were poison. Suddenly something crashed into her. She threw her hand holding the boxers out to catch herself but it ended up in the washtub followed by her face.The girl lifted her sopping head from the tub a pair of black boxers were tangled across her neck. With a gasp and a dark red blush she hurled the offending garment into the tub before upending his entire basket into the tub. She scrubbed the clothes furiously and went to hand them upon the drying line. Her sheets were already hanging from the line. As she began pinning up his shirts she hummed softly. Next thing she knew she was lying on her back, a shirt still in her hands and blinking in a stunned silence. “All children are devil spawn!”The girl righted herself once more before continuing to pin up the males clothing, hurrying embarrassedly through his boxers but keeping a sharp eye out for any stupid child who dared to try her a third time. She began removing the sheets from the drying line and folded them carefully. As she leaned forwards to drop them into the basket she launched her body into a front flip, landing herself on the other side of the basket. She turned quickly, her leg striking out to catch the child that was trying to stand up and run away from the failed attack.As her shin crashed into the child she let out a loud exclamation of excitement and triumph. Smoke enveloped her leg and as it cleared she saw the laundry basket of clean sheets go flying away from her leg. A scream of hatred and annoyance escaped her throat as she fell to her knees and pounded her fists against the unforgiving earth. “I have to do the whole basket again! I hate laundry! I hate children!!” She shouted loudly as she gathered up the spilled basket and its contents. She knew she was going to loose her voice if she kept it up but somehow she didn’t care.Dreams are places where strange and unusual things can become true. From endless to torture to diving pleasure, dreams are the place where desires take place and hopes bloom. Kana still hovered in that ethereal world of conscious dreaming, wondering quietly if she would ever awaken. She had learned so much during the time spent in this asinine land but returning home also had its advantages. Like keeping her real body from getting frost bite. There was no choice but to wait however, she was sure someone would come along and allow her to go home eventually. 

(Words: 1457)
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Soviet Jesus


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PostSubject: Re: Kana' training (Invite only)   Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:00 pm

First post is void, it has nothing to do with training.

The second post is iffy, and if anyone has a problem with it then that too is void
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PostSubject: Re: Kana' training (Invite only)   

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Kana' training (Invite only)
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