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 An evening excursion (training)

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PostSubject: An evening excursion (training)   Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:42 am

A shipment just arrived...Old Kev demands that it stays safe and none of them S.H.I.E.L.D agents find out..this is gonna get us the big guns...

Yuuka smiled at her own reflection idly as she went over her outfit carefully, remembering the muted conversation she heard in an alleyway that afternoon. The crimson jacket, formal to the point of almost being military which sharpened her shoulders but still added a fierce feminine flair to her petite form. Her elbows were sharp when she bent her arms, sleeves pulling tight. Good, if she got into a fist fight lose sleeves could be a handle and handles were generally a pain. Of al the gorgeous clothing items she has managed to snatch from the coal dry cleaner this pristine jacket had to be one of her best finds. Underneath the recently pressed jacket was her deep dark emerald leather catsuit which had been buttoned tight around her throat and over her mouth. It embraced her lithe body, accentuating her curves and hugging her form to the point that she felt like she was practically wearing nothing. Her well kept black gloves had the appearance of very slim, feminine gauntlets, shined leather with titanium laced thread running below the surface, practically invisible to the eye. Those hands moved to adjust the tight waxy leggings, before they swung two bladed fans underneath the crimson sleeves of her jacket. Her slender feet were fitted with specially made boots, which ere not only exceedingly comfortable and made her legs look longer but also provided her protection and added grip on particularly dangerous surfaces.

Finally the Asian girl brushed her thumb along her cheekbone in the mirror, piercing green eyes running over her own face. It seemed... less real when she wore this costume, like she took a less distinct place in this universe She was no longer Arihyoshi Yuuka but 'Tanuki'. It might have been worrying if it wasn't also just a little thrilling. Yuuka finally took hold of a selection of jewellery, both purchased from her own stash of money and stolen from various houses in the neighbouring area. A polished silver and shimmering obsidian necklace fell against her chest, nestling comfortably between her bosom. Once that was done, she took a moment to apply a little mascara to her eyes, just to add the finishing touches to her look. Glancing down at her arm she quickly flicked her wrists which immediately procured the bladed fans from underneath her jacket, the other fingers of her hand lightly brushing away some lint of the ornate Japanese fans. Everything seemed to be working well and with one more quick look at her outfitted body she stepped into the little space she called an apartment.

The Acrobat had recently purchased a small but cozy apartment nestled in the outskirts of the city of New York using every last penny of her late father's inheritance. It wasn't that roomy, but it came with its own shower, kitchen and workspace and was large enough for her practise her flips and various other acrobatic warm ups. She was used to living in small compartments from a child hood of moving across the Japanese countryside, the only difference with this one was that she was completely alone.

The costumed "hero" did a quick glance about, before she descended the stairs and opened onto the silvery moonlight of a New York Evening. A Porsche had been pulled into an empty building lot next to her apartment complex, a few streets from the warehouse that she had been 'informed' to be at. The vehicle was obviously not her own, rather something a very rich and very drunk tycoon had left unattended whilst flirting his way through a nightclub. The Asian girl merely took it on herself to snatch up the beautiful car, hot-wire it and hide it away from prying eyes. It was easy enough to break the chain and drive inside, after a long couple of nights drive into the State, the tycoon would never suspect his polished black porsche was no several states away in the hands of what many would label as a minor. She was in no way going to use the stolen item anytime that night...she needed some well deserved fresh air before her 'date'.

Rather then take the pavements, however, Tanuki scaled a fire escape close by. She grabbed the rusted iron and clasped onto cracks between the masonry, lifting herself upwards with ease and fluid grace as she proceeded to bring herself further up the building. Once flipping her body over the lip of the roof she took in a deep breath, marvelling at the glowing cityscape a few kilometres away. Her shimmering shadowy green hair fluttered in the gentle night breeze, tickling the side of her face as she momentarily listened to the sound of night activity. A walk across the rooftops seemed like a fine idea, breathing in the smell of petrol fumes from the street below and the sound of a city buzzing with activity was always a surefire way to awaken her instincts. Most places in the world looked alike, but the sounds were mostly unique. Tanuki loved listening to the chattering of couples, the distant shrill beeps of the taxis and the low hum of music wafted out of people's apartments.

Tanuki only had to do a few tricks to traverse the block, one of them involving a slightly precarious walk across a tight wire over the street below which she completed with ease. When the imposing, grey warehouse came into sight, she made a point of waiting a few minutes on a precipice over the New York street below. The warehouse was open, with a few people wandering into it as she observed the soft golden glow that drifted out of its stained glass windows. The chance that this was a trap was pretty slim; the only things Tanuki had done in the way of Super heroics had been mostly beating up muggers and gangs who deserved a little punishing and she was certain the Yakuza were too absorbed in Japanese politics to send a hit man after her all the way in America. When she finally decided on entering or not, she stepped off the ledge of the building and turned quickly, hand grasping a drain pipe which he road five stories down. As easy as stepping off an elevator, she bounced to the street below and made her way across the dimly lit road and into a side street next to the warehouse...

20 minutes later..

A steady pounding echoed through the dimly lit hall of the warehouse. Standing no taller than five and a half feet, a middle aged man accompanied by two heavily armed guards, who shared nothing more than a poor demeanor and a taste in tacky suits, made his way through the dusty enclosure. Beads of moisture ran down his gleaming forehead as he furtively glanced at window that framed the activities of what was happening outside. Headlights painted the sides of the alleys in a dynamic color as they chased the darkness down the parallel shadows; he came for a job, not a ride and a walk through the bustling New Yorkers out on their evening strolls.

Latching mechanisms scraped along the rusted metal, eliciting a deep moan through the old bones of the building held together by rust and paid off building inspectors. Lights barely held true to their names, but gave enough of a glow to bounce off of the reflective surfaces of the questionable jewelry of the men guarding the large room. Broken windows from days longs since past kept the night air heavy and drenched the room in the aroma of humidity and dust. “Took you long enough to get him here.” A heavy set man with a pronounced lip and drooping brow stepped forward to accost the guards for their indiscretion.

“It’s quite alright, Mr. Kevruch.” Wanting to do his work and make his money, the small man walked out from the phalanx of guards and pushed past the belligerent man. “This is the girl who took down the western portion of your syndicate?” A chain tautly held a hook down from the rafters with the tethered hands of Tanuki on either side of the hook. “So she was an informant or a mole?” To keep her in suspense over the arrival of the new comer, the boss draped a black cloth over Tanuki’s eyes to keep her in the dark. Her little excursion into the warehouse was going just as she planned, the thugs...although stupid were quite obedient in obeying their masters orders. She was merely playing the innocent prisoner and had quite literally waltzed into the compound. Good thing the Burly, red skinned thugs had not noticed the tessen that clung to her covered forearms.

Please.” With no hesitation in her voice, Tanuki offered her side of the recounting of her endeavors. “You should see what I did to the syndicate on the east side, quite pitiful if I say so myself..” Sweat from the mixture of fighting and humidity stained her teenage body and dripped down to begin soaking into the top portion of her black tights. Chains kept her knees and ankles securely held together while her boots laid on the ground just in front of her. Her toes barely grazed the cold concrete as the soft breeze that crept through the open windows of the warehouse caressed her bare soles.

“She’s got some weird talent or something.” The large man stepped forward to shed light on the situation.

Or something?” Tanuki questioned. “Given the fact I’m not wearing anything that could hide anything common logic could tell you to rule out the something.” She spoke rather flatly, clicking her tongue as she heard one of the thugs shuffle where he stood.That was half true, she did manage to eradicate parts of the eastern syndicate with sheer luck and skill on her part. The men she faced were your typical pistol, crowbar wielding thugs who only got into this line of work simply because their parents could not afford a good education. Her agility and mastery of tessenjutsu proved to be exceedingly helpful in combating their sloppy street style fighting and no sooner has she snuck into their compound a week ago they were quite literally rolling around on the floor in pain..waiting for the cops to give them a taste of the law. unbeknownst to the cops who arrived the small gang had been completely wasted by a fan wielding foreigner.

Brashly Kevruch stepped forward and grabbed the glistening midnight emerald hair dangling over the blindfold, and pulled Tanuki’s head down. “Now listen here you little…”

“Mr. Kevruch.” With a chuckle at the reaction Tanuki could elicit, the smaller man stepped forward and dropped his suitcase to the ground. “You wanted me to talk with her, because you couldn’t get anything out of her…” He took a brief pause. “…And I can see why.” Straps popped open to reveal a bag with an assortment of tools the man collected to perfect his craft. Scalpels and syringes did the trick in most situations, but the usage of thumb nails and vices always gave him a feeling of pleasure. “This is an art, you don’t hit the clay. You mold it.” His hands caressed over Kevruch’s hand, and secured the release of his grip over Tanuki.

Go mold yourself in the bathroom.” With the violent pull of her head, the blindfold fell slightly out of place, giving Tanuki just enough vision out of the top right corner of her field of vision to see the inhabitants of the room. While she surveyed the room, she could feel the bottom of her catsuit peeling up to reveal her bare midriff. Familiarity with her physical prowess led the small syndicate to plan just for her acrobatic abilities in confronting her and in keeping her restrained. Both sides made efforts to stay one step ahead of the other, and Tanuki exploited those advantages on most days to her advantage. Today was a good day.

“I can make an incision here.” He strode his finger along her abdomen, causing her to squirm from the touch. “And then I’ll tap into the roadmap of her nerves. We can poke any part of her body from this location and get just what we need.” He uttered, dragging his chubby fingers along her taut body as she felt the goosebumps from his lingering touch dance across her skin.

“Don’t make it too long; I want this girl out of my hair in the next hour.” Five guards manned the perimeter of the room to ensure the safety of the torturer and the captivity of Tanuki. Kevruch harbored no mercy or remorse for Tanuki, and saw no reason for keeping her alive in the first place. After hearing the news, Kevruch made his way to kill her himself, but the powers that be called him off to let a professional add his touch. A deep syringe prodded through her side to take a large blood sample. The suction of the tube pulled against her side, causing her to contort her body into a “C” like figure. Her naturally flexible body writhed at the sharp pang of pain and she let out a quick yelp as the cold metal penetrated her skin.

Unchain me and put my boots back on and I’ll let you walk out of here relatively unharmed.” Tanuki spoke towards the man with the brown satchel, but changed her tune to act the very age she is, a skill often used when dealing with older gentleman who could not control their hands. “If you set me can get a touch of something better.” The man paused, swallowing lightly as his beetroot red face flashed in her direction, only pausing before he looked at the guards who manned the entrances and exits. "If anyone frees me they can leave without pain, I pinky promise" she spoke, changing her tune to act as a deal with any man in the room. Soft movements of leather let Tanuki know the man placed his syringe away. The next stage would involve the scalpel and she knew it.

“Maybe I should start by removing your tongue.” With the scalpel pointing towards her mouth Tanuki kept her head lowered to give a feint and to allow her to take sight of this man. Taking him by surprise, the acrobat threw her elbow into his hand while darting her knees into his stomach causing the fellow to let out a pained grunt. Kevruch almost choked on his own realization he would finally get his wish, to finally get rid of this troublesome girl. The loud breathing of his poor respiratory system made it easy for Tanuki to motion her body into just the angle to send the balls of her feet into his chest.

Anticipating the motion, but knowing the limitations of his reflexes, Kevruch braced himself to intercept Tanuki. His hands wrapped around her slender ankles, but not before she swiftly kicked him in the chest, sending him to the ground, and propelling Tanuki forward. He was a lumbering giant compared to her more athletic, lithe form..such mediocre attempts at beating her in a game of combat prowess was always going to bend to her advantage. He was simply too heavy, his own weight used against him.

Catching her as she swung forward, a guard wrapped Tanuki in his grip to try and gain control of the situation. His leveraging of her form allowed her the hold she needed to get her bound hands off of the hook. Escaping such things was her specialty and the poorly tied chains were quite simply an easy task to get rid of. While the guard still held Tanuki in his arms, she forced the chains against his throat to take him to the ground. Trapped under the pain of the cold metal he watched as the bound and blindfolded woman acted in accordance with exactly what he noticed. Tanuki read the direction of guard movement through the small opening in her blindfold and propelled herself up at the expense of the man’s health.

Dazzling titanium fans shot out of from under her sleeves to drive the next two men back into nearby crates, the solid metal smacking them both in the windpipes causing them to hastily roll around on the floor clasping their throats. With her hands no longer above her head, the guards needed to take an assessment of the situation to engage Tanuki. Fearing her untimely responses and unbridled skill in eliminating anyone stupid enough to touch her, they decided to take Tanuki up on her offer. Kevruch would most likely take revenge on the guards and Tanuki for this insult, but as the men announced their plans and began untying Tanuki, they felt better about their situation, at least they won't get beaten up by a girl. "Good boys!", she said cheerily rubbing her wrists to numb the dull burn.

With her blindfold completely removed, Tanuki surveyed the room and the destruction she caused. “There were five of you?” She said in surprise as the guard unchained her hands. “I only planned on fighting four. Probably could’ve taken me if you had both charged atme.” She winked, patting her hand against one of the thugs shoulders and began to walk towards the two fans that lay still on the floor next to the gagging gangsters she threw them at. “Oh well.” she spoke shrugging her shoulders as she clasped the chain recently removed from her, ensnaring the overweight crime boss. Frantically, he clawed at the ground to keep himself from the strange teenage justice Tanuki would take out on him. “I’m taking your boss in; you guys should get a better line of work.”
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An evening excursion (training)
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