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 A Windy Day [training]

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PostSubject: A Windy Day [training]   Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:52 pm

I'm on tonight. You know my hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right. Tap tap tap. Sonny's foot was keeping a constant metronome for him to keep along with the song. He thoroughly enjoyed this time of day. There was always a cool breeze, warm weather, and a nice breezy draft to keep him cool. New York City was never a nice place to him, except when he escaped to the roof of his shady apartment complex. It was nice to just sit up in the cool breeze and look down on the world without anything to worry about. The wondrous melody of Shakira traveled through his ears, filling his soul with substance that only music could provide. Sonny flipped through his music to find something to keep himself in harmony. Meditating had become a frequent thing of his since he became alone in this world. His dark grey hoody cushioned his back as he lay against the wall containing the stairwell into his apartment complex. The roof had been the only thing that kept him here, and the fact that the owner didn't care that he was 17 as long as he had cash. He didn't have hardly anything in the small room he was allowed to occupy. No furniture, fridge, television, or over. He had a toilet, a shower, a sink, and a door... And a magical sword that didn't seem willing to be magical recently.

Sonny landed on a song he enjoyed. To others this might make them feel like getting up and destroying everything in sight while roaring like a monster. To Sonny it made him feel like nothing mattered and he could just sit up on the rooftop all day and bide his time in peace... and feel like getting up and destroying everything in sight while roaring like a monster. His focus began to fade away as his mind wandered with the breeze of the wind. It was so calming to just blend his mind with the air, not being worried about the problems he was facing here on Earth. As he focused on the wind, he started to focus more about the aspects of the wind. I wonder... As he stood up on the edge of the building, he noticed a guy off in an alley relieving himself on a building. Sonny began to enter into the same state he was in a few minutes ago, and started to feel the wind bend to his will. The breeze started to change direction and blew directly into Sonny's face. He felt his hair flip upwards from the wind and the small gale blow into his eyes. What happened next would be Sonny's favorite part of that day. "Ahh fuck!" The man aggrivatedly tried to turn around and stop peeing simultaneously, but failed. After he successfully started relieving himself in the direction the wind was going, Sonny changed the direction again. This time it blew directly back into the man, soaking his pants and leaving marks on his shirt. "God damn it! What the hell is this?!" Sonny couldn't help but explode into laughter upon hearing this, and laid down on the safety of the rooftop. He hardly cared that he could change the wind. The part that really interested him was being able to make people piss on themselves. It did make him wonder what other abilities his wind control might unlock.

He suddenly thought back to when he was a kid and all he could dream about was flight. Being able to soar through the air as if he were his own personal airplane. That was all he truly wanted out of life at that moment. He could kick up a burst of razor sharp wind to cut straight through the flesh of people, and he could change the wind to make people piss on themselves. That last thought brought another snicker to Sonny, before enjoying the thought again. Maybe he didn't need to fly. Perhaps blowing the wind to make somebody's urine go back into them was enough for this little comedian. But then again, perhaps not. He was ready to take that leap of faith. That small distance from the roof of the apartment to the ground was all he felt he needed to awaken his ability to fly. Of course, he never could be too sure if he could fly. So why not take it slow instead of hurling yourself off a building on your first attempt? The old saying of 'If at first you don't succeed, then try try again' doesn't really help if you don't succeed on the first time after throwing yourself off a building. If at first you don't succeed... then maybe sky-diving isn't for you. Sonny grinned a little. That grin turned into a grimace as he pictured himself flattened against the pavement. Yeah, maybe he would just try and jump up or something first.

Sonny entered the state he first went into before controlling the wind. His mind was free to wander with the wind wherever it felt like taking him. He let his arms stretch out as the cool breeze blew against his back, making the loose parts of his hoody flutter in the wind. It was so relaxing in this state, more than any other time he ever tried to be like this. Perhaps he just needed to find a certain way to let his mind wander to finally get somewhere. He always heard that meditating would allow you to unlock your potential, but he never thought it would allow him to fly. Now he would be able to find out. Sonny exited his tranquil state with a burning desire and determination. He took a step forward with his left foot, making a lunging stance. The muscles in his legs built up, ready to send him skyward. With a final motion, he unloaded the stored energy he had in his legs. He went soaring into the air, leaving the ground behind him. Then he fell back to the ground 1 second later. It was nothing more than a modest hop. Sonny looked around to make sure nobody was looking. Even if he was alone he couldn't help but blush. He looked skyward to imagine his brother looking down at him and laughing. "Screw you, man. I'm gonna do it. It's gonna happen." Sonny felt angry with his own failure, and decided it was time to risk it all. He stepped back a good ten feet from the edge of the building to get a running start. If at first you don't succeed, then you better succeed the second time. Sonny took off, making a sprint for the edge of the building. His right leg landed on the ledge and propelled him into the air, ready to keep going into the air.

He didn't keep going up. Sonny was rapidly approaching the ground. The ground was about to be saturated with pure Sonny D. This wasn't how he was going to go out. He wasn't so pathetic as to actually die from failing to learn his own abilities. At least he hoped not. As his stress levels started to approach their peak, his soon found himself not splattered all over the ground. Sonny dared not open his eyes. "Hello? Jesus? Am I in heaven?" There wasn't any bright light, so he didn't think he was dead. As he opened his eyes, he felt excited to see he was still on Earth. Except he couldn't feel the ground. NO WAY! Sonny's excitement could hardly be contained. He was flying! Well he was closer to levitating at this point but it still counted to him. His mind focused as much as it could on bringing himself higher, and he felt so giddy as he slowly rose through the air. Wait... wait. "Stop!" He didn't know how to stop yet.

Training Wind Manipulation and Flight.
Abilities Thread
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PostSubject: Re: A Windy Day [training]   Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:18 pm

The panic was the first thing to hit Sonny. The adrenaline still lingered from when he jumped off the building, and it only spiked again. He was steadily rising through the air. This wasn't the ideal situation for him. People had already began to notice the teenager floating upwards through the air. His face was hidden, so they might not identify him later, but they would now be on the lookout for the flying teenager. Perhaps he was a hero, but perhaps not. This didn't seem like the kind of place he wanted to be open about his powers, even though he doubted any of the people could harm him in any way. That was about to be the least of his problems, though. If he didn't find out how to stop rising, he doubted he would live long enough to worry about people realizing who he was. He was already 40 feet up in the air and steadily rising. Sonny tried to emulate his feelings right when he started floating, but it was to no avail. His frustration and fear steadily rose with his altitude, and after a while he started to feel natural in this state. He was pissed, but being angry seemed to help him with controlling this power. His acceleration started to work in the opposite direction, and Sonny finally came to a stop about 50 feet in the air. Joy came back to him as the impending doom of never stopping had ceased. "Ok, motherfucker... go... THAT WAY!"

Surprisingly enough, Sonny moved in the direction he screamed at and pointed. To his dismay, he also started to rise again. This time, more rapidly. He begun to feel sick and his breathing started to become rapid. Panic surged through his mind again, not wanting to go any higher. In a last desperation attempt, he entered his meditative state after taking a deep breath. He became perfectly still, not moving and not breathing. He was too intent on stopping his rise into the air. Getting so high that he wouldn't be able to breathe was not on his list of things to do. The calm serenity filled through his head, trying to keep his emotions in check. Today was not the day to die from learning how to use his powers incorrectly, especially after he just learned to fly. This flight wasn't relying off of his own power, but the power he had over the air. He started to get an understanding of this, and begun to form an idea on how to control this power. After a while Sonny began to lose track of the duration of time he was meditating, and realised that he wasn't breathing. Quickly coming out of his trance, he noticed that he still didn't feel the need to take a breath. Dude, pretty soon I'm going to be like... Wind-Man! Sonny looked skyward to feel the unapproving eyes of his brother staring down at him. Ok, you're right. That was lame, but screw you. Sonny winked and returned his attention to his situation at hand.

Sonny tried to calmly control his flight, and to his surprise and joy it worked. He slowly started to descend again, finding his target as a nearby rooftop. The descent was slow, but it was steady. As the old saying goes, 'Slow and steady wins the race.' This had started to become enjoyable to Sonny. Without the fear of flying so high that he would pass out and stop breathing, flight was pretty fun. These fears had been totally exaggerated, as he was nowhere near being high enough to start facing any negative effects. He was also going slower than he would if he were walking down from the sky. A minute ago he was a daredevil who was jumping off buildings. Now he had the bravery of an eight year old on a roller coaster. As he reached the ground, he was eager to start learning some new tricks he could do with the wind. There was a wall near him that was covering the stairwell. That could be a good thing to practice on... Curious to see how his regular attack would do against a brick wall, he got into a fighting stance about 10 feet away from the small wall.

Sonny stared down the wall, acting like it was a shootout. "Ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" Sonny wiggled his fingers as he shifted his weight from his right foot to his left. He followed up that simple motion by bringing his right leg outwards and cutting back in to kick at the air. Focusing on the small wind current he just made, Sonny began to amplify it to create a razor wind that would send out at a rapid pace of about 40 mph. Of course, he wasn't swinging as hard as he could. It was just enough to get a moderately powerful gust of wind that could cut at a good rate. Sonny was disappointed when the wind did little but to leave a scratch in the brick. His attack would do little to brick, so how could he expect it to do much against metal? The thing was that he couldn't. He needed something else to rely on if he wanted something that could do some damage. There people out there, stronger people. His little razor wind would do almost nothing against them. His little trick where he could control sharpness couldn't be the only thing he relied on to attack with force. Getting in close all the time wouldn't help him in a fight with another person who was special like him.

Sonny waved his left hand over his right hand, imbuing it with the same magical qualities that let him cut through metal with a spoon. He then waved his right hand over his left, and was ready to go to work. The distance between him and the wall grew smaller as he sprinted towards it. His hands started to slash wildly as he kept his fingers outstretched in a fully extended hand. Holes in the brick started to form as his hands had become his own weapons. They cut through the brick with ease, being so sharp to leave large gashes the size of his hands. This wasn't enough. Being this close wouldn't be ideal for him. He wasn't as good as fighting with his hands up close as he would be from far away. He decided to try his luck at being at a distance again, and slow walked back to his starting position 10 feet from the wall. Sonny dispelled the sharpness effect on his hands so as to not cut himself while he was practicing.

His arms started to slowly swing outwards in front of him in an unpatterned motion. Then he started to pick up the pace and decided that doing a simple windmill would be easier. His arms swung vertically out in front in a brisk frequency, making about 5 rotations per second with both arms combined. Sonny started to focus on the small winds his arms were kicking up, and began to amplify them again, creating the razor winds once more. These were stronger, however, as well as being more numerous. The winds bombarded the wall with their attacks, hoping to do some serious damage and prove themselves to their master. Once again, they disappointed. They did nothing more than leave multiple small cuts in the brick. It wasn't enough for Sonny. What he needed was a grenade or something. Something that would explode and leave large holes in his enemies. Or at least large holes in the stronger ones. He wasn't looking to kill every petty thug he ran into.

Sonny began thinking about the wind and what he could do with it to make sure that he could do some serious damage. Maybe if I made many winds instead of just one... The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. He should be able to increase his destructive power exponentially by putting in more winds. If one wind was able to leave cuts in a brick wall, then what would five do? What about ten winds? Sonny didn't want to think about it anymore. It was time to do. Sonny held out his hand for a platform to base the 'grenade' on. He started to picture his power like he made the razor wind, but with it wrapping around each other in multiple directions. He was able to see what appeared to be winds similar to his other ability he had just performed. As he started to put more and more speed and pressure upon the sphere, it began to take shape and visibilty. It now appeared to be a grey sphere in his hand. Sonny stood there, fascinated with what he had created. The sphere contained many different vortexes, pulling in all directions. The winds were so tightly together and the directions were so random. Now all he wanted to do was throw it and see what would happen.

Sonny pulled his arm back and was able to subconsciously keep the sphere above his hand. He then launched it forward in a method similar to a baseball pitcher. The sphere didn't fly nearly as fast, but it had good speed on it. It made contact with the wall and immediately started to impode, bringing in many pieces of dirt and the like. About 1 second later, it exploded. Rapidly, air and dust were sent in all directions in a powerful manner. The sheer force of the explosion was enough to leave a hole in the brick wall where the sphere used to be. Dirt can flying towards Sonny, colliding with him and leaving small holes in his hoodie and cuts in his hands. This was the type of ability he needed. He liked this newfound power of his.

Hungry to use the power he had just created, Sonny started to form another ball in his hand. This time the wind started to form quicker, becoming the small condensed ball of grey wind just like before almost instantly. Sonny had an almost fearful respect for this small sphere. If he misused this, he could easily kill himself and leave a large hole in his head. Whatever, it's just an air grenade. There was nothing like playing with explosions that you could make with your mind to help you feel alive still. Sonny decided this time to try and solely use his power to control the ball. He wouldn't use his hand this time. After seizing control of it, he dropped his hand to his side and kept the ball in place. Alright... so that means I can... The sphere then violently took off towards the wall at around the normal speed limit. It was just about as fast as cars driving through a city. Sonny grinned at his work, seeing another hole in the wall but feeling another blast of dirt from the explosion. I like it. I like it alot. Because... that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Sonny looked at his hands, noticing the small cuts that had taken form in them, and then the small cuts that had ripped up his hoodie a little. If something like dirt could do that to him, then he needed more protection... A defense would be good. Perhaps it wouldn't be much more complicated than taking his offense and modifying it to protect himself. Sonny thought about it for a minute, trying to figure out how to make a large barrier that would work like his attack. He decided to just go with it and work out the details later. The tranquil state was entered again, as he tried to block out any distractions. The wind began to bend to his will again, and he started to form another current again. The winds all came together like he wanted, but the trick was to make them spread over a larger area. No doubt this would make them weaker, but he still needed something to help defend him. Sonny started to shape the winds outward, making them spread to cover a larger area in front of him. There was a thick barrier in front of him that covered his whole body, making a shielding effect from anything in between him and the area in front of the barrier. Sonny awed at in, feeling a hint of pride at what he just created. He had exponentially became more powerful after just one day of training. If he did this more often, then who knows how strong he could become? Sonny reached his hand out to touch the barrier as a test. As he began to inch it closer, it finally got sucked in when his finger made contact. Panic came to him again as his arm got 'swallowed' up by the barrier of wind, making small cuts all along it. This hoodie was officially ruined. "Hey now! You gotta at least by me dinner first!" Sonny started to pull at his arm, feeling it slowly come back. With a final yank he pulled it free and stumbled back a few feet. Yeah, this would be enough to defend himself.

Sonny started to disperse the wind with his mind, and watched intently as the barrier disappeared. These powers started to give him a newfound respect for the air. It really was more dangerous than people could imagine, and this was probably not even a drop in the bucket of what he could potentially do. Thoughts of his other abilities came to his mind. That damn sword had gifted him somehow with the power to control the sharpness of things. It made Sonny wonder if he could change that to somehow work in opposite in case somebody came at him with a knife or a big sword. Sonny looked at his hands again, studying them. He could make them more dangerous than knives or swords just by waving his hand over the other. That was definitely not normal. Then again, neither is flying. Sonny shrugged and waved his hands over each other, making them sharp again. He walked over to the wall again and started to scrape his hands against what was remaining. Large cuts began to form every time he rubbed his hand against the wall. Ok, then let's see if I can reverse this power. Sonny waved his hands over each other again, but tried to focus on making them as undeadly as possible. He could feel the small aura again, but needed to see if his idea had worked. Finding an unmarked piece of the wall, he started to rub his hand on it again. To his satisfaction, the cuts didn't form again and his hand wasn't touching the wall. Damn, I'm such a genius... Satisfied with his work, Sonny took off into the air again, finally having gotten the hang of it.
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Training Enhanced Lung Capacity, Wind Barrier, Air Spheres, and Dullness Manipulation. Abilities Thread
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A Windy Day [training]
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