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 Blaine v Blake (Battle of the Blas)

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Soviet Jesus

Soviet Jesus

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PostSubject: Blaine v Blake (Battle of the Blas)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:41 pm

Sand floated in the dry air around that arid desert in which Gaara sat. It was a subsection of the Suna desert where the bedrock was nearly a mile down below the shifting seas of the sand above. The waves shifted lazily about in the soft wind, and it carried a bit of the sea with it. Of course Gaara was the desert, it was all extensions of his body guided by slight bits of chakra, sensing and waiting. Beneath him directly about ten meters below the surface was two tons of the hardest minerals in the ground around him, leaving the sand for miles around soft and weak.

His eyes were shut, their green orbs hidden from the world by lids that mattered little. The black lines of his Shukkaku possession were dark that day indeed, and it had been a while since the new Kage had even slept. His red hair flowed with the eddies of the air current as he sat cross legged on one of the highest dunes of the desert. From that vantage point anyone would be able to see him from at least one hundred yards, further than that however he would be concealed by the thickness of the earth in the air.

'Let me wake up' the one tails mumbled, trying to lull Gaara into the sweet embrace of sleep. He would not, yet. No if the information he had gained about this day was right, someone was approaching from the south. That is to say they would face him, however he could also tell that the other being was no closer than one hundred yards. So unless it could sense chakra, the thing would be wandering aimlessly in the unforgiving desert, and dry oppressive heat of Gaara's land.

Although it was nearly flat for miles, there were some dunes like the one Gaara sat upon. His was the tallest, being eight meters above the rest of the sands stretching only eight meters to either side of him, however there was one to his south by three hundred and fifty feet that was four meters tall, and stretched a good fifty. One to his northwest by two hundred yards, with a height of fifteen feet and a length of two hundred yards. To his east there was also one a good twenty meters away that was six yards tall and fifty long. All of the dunes were wide enough at their summit for one of Gaara's stature to sit upon but little else.

The desert was odd like that after all, full of so many differences in height, filled with peaks and valleys, crevices and others. Even still this area had bed rock only deep down so one would not have to fear falling into a canyon that dropped deep into the earth, unless Gaara wished for it to happen.
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Blaine v Blake (Battle of the Blas)
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