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 Experimentation [Training for water walking,bubble and Water Tendrils]

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Sean Collin


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PostSubject: Experimentation [Training for water walking,bubble and Water Tendrils]   Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:32 pm

”Sean wake up!” The single voice pierced the veil of his dream and pulled him to the surface; back into the reality that was his life. He was laying on his side with arms wrapped tightly around a single teddy bear which was ripped along the left side, white cotton stuffing seeping out of it like organs of some kind. Sun peeking through the window lightly as it stung his newly opened eyes, which retreated behind closed lids that shunned the very light, the life giving light that stung them so. Today he had decided to test the upper limits of his abilities, to see what they could do beyond simply moving water around. What could he really do with these magical gifts that he was born with? Rolling out of his bed, Sean fell face first into the fleece carpeting as he took in a deep breath and let it hiss through his teeth. It was going to be a long day for sure but not one that he couldn’t deal with at any rate. His door opened as Elena peeked through and glared down at him, wondering why he was laying face down in only his boxers. ’Sean Michael Collin, wake up!” She said a little louder as he rolled onto his side as his blue eyes looked upon the red haired woman he called his mother. Her fierce green eyes almost like polished emeralds commanding him with only a look. He knew that she would not take no for an answer, even if he begged.

’Fine mom,I’ll get up.” Sean grumbled as he pushed himself up a few inches with his arms, letting his senses gather as he calculated how much force he would need to push himself up and then did so. She closed the door shut as he quickly gathered up a few clothes to cover his otherwise nearly naked form, a black graphic tee, and worn out jeans that were tattered around the end of the legs. His toes wiggles as he plopped onto his bed and suspended the appendages a good foot above the floor and gazed at the ceiling for a second as if he were trying to think of something before moving to his feet. Not wasting another second he walked out of his room to the smell of bacon permeating the hallway that connected his room to the rest of the house, doors branching off from it to the rest of the enclosure.

His mom was at the stove making what seemed like was breakfast with a cheery smirk on her face, red lips in a pleasing expression that would disarm even the most cold blooded man. Sean smiled revealing lime green braces as he took a seat at the table, an older man with short, well kept hair sat opposite of him with a jovial expression. He propped his head on his palms and took in the smell of the food slowly cooking on the stove. ” So,bacon for breakfast?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

”Not just bacon. We have eggs,toast and pancakes. Can’t have a complete breakfast without pancakes.” She said finishing the last strip of tantalizing bacon, saliva seeming to build within Sean’s mouth at the thought of the bacon, as well as the other breakfast foods which he eagerly awaited to eat. Elena made the plates and before long they were sitting in front of the three as she began to dig into her food, which she did with a certain class. ”So Sean,hows your schooling going?’ Elena asked raising an eyebrow as she wiped away a small bit of grease from the corner of her mouth and taking another bite of bacon.

”it’s going well,I’m passing in most of my classes and things like that.’ Sean said eating the eggs slowly, salty flavor blooming over his tongue as he did. His mother was always the grade A cook, though she never really aimed to make it big with her talent with food seeing as she preferred to go with her skills in magic more than food. Why she did so was beyond him but to each their own had its way with him. His father on the other hand was a simple worker, though he did have aspirations of writing his own novel and having it published one day.

”that’s good to hear, Elena thought you were failing and she was getting worried over nothing.” his father chimed in with his usual cheery tone. The meal went on for about ten minutes, until Sean was finished with his food and placed the plate in its proper place. He thanked his mom for the food and knew he would have to wait until the house was empty to begin his training, which was fast approaching really. His dad would leave in about ten minutes for work and his mom would leave shortly after that. So he had about an hour before he would be alone and that was when he would be free to do what he wanted; which was experimentation.

After patiently waiting, he was finally alone in the house. Sean made his way to the pool behind his house, one of those in ground pool that were deeper than one would have expected them to be, about 12 feet deep. He pressed his palm against the liquid surface as he concentrated his power, his thoughts onto the clear water that was touching his pale skin. If he was correct, he could condense the surface of the water to a point that he could walker on it like solid ground, which opened the door to many things that he could do. His hand pierced the surface as the chlorine infused liquid quickly wetted his hand, which was pulled back. He wasn’t doing it right but he would learn how to.

Putting more concentration into it, he could see the water react as it shifted. He imagined the water stable and him standing on it as if it were land, as if he were just walking along a sidewalk. He pressed the palm against the water and it did not give way this time. A sudden happiness shot through him as he continued this thought process and moved to press his feet against the water’s surface as it held him; he was standing on water, just like that miracle he couldn’t quite remember. Sean took a step forward with trepidation as he felt the water kept steady, the water he was walking on. Sean felt an indescribable happiness shift through him, one that he could only describe as ecstasy as he continued to walk along the surface his concentration only half upon the water and half upon the feeling that surged through him. ”Woah,this is freaking great.” Sean whispered as he simply stared at the water below him, his reflection looking back with the same expression. If he showed Aaron this,he would totally freak out or be interested in his own way.

Maybe he would try to find a person to tutor him in the art of using his special talent? Maybe he could do something else except simple water walking? Sean imagined the water rising around him, like arms that would protect him against anything. Which the water reacted to as it rose in thin but powerful looking tendrils that wriggled to life, all transparent but dangerous looking. A large fly flew past him with an annoying buzzing sound, which one of the tendrils reacted to with a swift attack that sliced the fly in two. It was dead without even a single thought, just his will to see the thing silenced. His trepidation was only heightened by this as he let the newly found weapons move around him with a steady rhythm. He focused on one imagining a blade forming on the end, which did, resembling a butcher knife in appearance.

With water he could make weapons, anything that he could imagine really. Would his mom be proud of his awesome abilities or be worried that he would abuse them? This thought entered his mind as his concentration broke and Sean felt the water give way beneath him; and he fell. His hand reached upwards as the water closed in around him, mouth opening to suck in a breath, expecting to feel his lungs clog with water but that was not the case. His head was surrounded by a bubble of water that seemed to keep the water from otherwise killing him. Sean swam upward as his head broke the surface and he took in a deep breath, bubble breaking.

Pulling himself out of the water, he lay on his back, smile still on his face as he considered what he could do. There was so much more to his abilities than that, he would have to think of them though. Maybe the possibility of him being a superhero was not beyond his grasp? All he needed now was someone to teach him how to use his powers, how to be a master of them so to speak.

”Damn,that was pretty intense.” he said pleased and it was.
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Sean Collin


Posts : 38
Join date : 2012-09-21

PostSubject: Re: Experimentation [Training for water walking,bubble and Water Tendrils]   Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:38 pm

Trained water tendrils,water bubble and water walking.
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Experimentation [Training for water walking,bubble and Water Tendrils]
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