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There he was. He was home. In his house with his older sister Tara. He was doing what he normally did on a boring Saturday morning. Watching cartoons. One of his favorites were on at this very moment. It was called megaman. Words could not express how much Blake loved megaman when he was younger and today they were having a special marathon showing the show because they were going to revive it in a new art form. This was rather pleasing to Blake but it was all complete once he grabbed his giant bowl of captain crunch. Couldn't have been any earlier then 10:54 before a bell was heard. It was the doorbell and Blake figured it was something he should get up and get. The moment he stood up his sister appeared in a flash "Got it" as the door opened it was Tara's boyfriend. Jason. Damn Jason was a douche. Blake hated that guy. Quickly Blake went back to his TV programming before Jason walked in and said something "Aren't you a little to old to be watching cartoons dude?". As Blake was eating his cereal he dropped his spoon and looked at Jason before Tara facepalmed and muttered a few words. "And here it goes..". Blake stood up and looked at Jason "What did you say?". Jason smirked and spoke again "I said. Aren't you a litt-" before he finished his words Blake lunged at him and Tara grabbed Blake super fast and charged him into the wall. Blake started screaming "Let me at him. Let me at him" Jason who was now on the floor stood up and spoke "That little bastard attacked me. AGAIN. Its like every time I come here. Time I kick this kids ass" quickly Jason rolled his sleeves up as he walked over to Tara and Blake to where Tara pulled Jason back to the other side of the wall in the opposite direction of Blake. "Calm down hot heads" While Tara said that she was still holding Jason back while Blake was over in his corner sticking his tongue out and giving Jason the finger before Tara let out a scream "THAT IS IT. JASON. OUT. BLAKE. OUT. NOW" "PAUSE" is what Blake would say as he froze the area before appearing for a second time overlapping himself, Jason and Tara. He was pushing a chalkboard and he started drawing on it. He drew Jason getting hanged in a game of hangman. "Unpause" before time unfroze which it never did to begin with. Jason was just projecting something in his mind in a physical manner which happened in a millisecond real time but would look like it took minutes in his mind. Jason walked out the front door followed by Blake. Who was slapped in the back of the head by his sister Tara "Ouch! What ya do that for?" "Don't you test me" "PAUSE" before Blake would be shown with a doll of his sister and started poking it with a needle and then crickets were heard. "What? I'm the only one that wants to do this?". Poof he went and realtime was active again as Blake continued to walk outside as Jason then walked over to his car. Blake started smiling at Tara before she gave him the stink eye look and Blake said "What?" Tara sighed before replying "You know. If you want me to help you find mom. Just ask. How about this. We race. You win. I help you find mom. I win you stop screwing up my life in a attempt to get my attention and we let Dad find mom. Deal?" "PAUSE" as Blake was shown in a tuxedo he was bowing to an audience throwing roses at him. "And award for most deceptive brother goes to Blake Strong" "Please please you people are to kind". Blake's mental image ended as he came back to reality "Uhhhh sure?" Blake would say before he started stretching and put on his favorite t-shirt because he didn't feel like being shirtless when he ran. Didn't want bugs getting on his chest or anything. His shirt said "Beerpong Champion" which was funny because he was a minor. Anyway he had on his red converse and yellow pants with the beerpong champion shirt which was red. Quickly Tara started running and Blake screamed out "HEY!. SO NOT FAIR" before he started running after her circling the block about 3 times before Blake eventually almost caught up to her before he slipped and went flying into something that was forming behind Tara. Blake being the genius he was quickly swayed out of the way before screaming "Dude sis what the hell was that? Can't beat your little brother without cheating?" which caused Tara to stop running and turn around but Blake continued going but turned around to notice Tara stopped but ran into a wall and faceplanted hard. "PAUSE". A funeral would be shown of Blake as he laid inside a casket with the word "Accel" on the tombstone and one rose in the dirt. Blake's laughter was heard "Just kidding" The scene was cut as Blake was shown laying in a pile of rubble stemming from the wall he crashed into. He stood up and started walking over to his sister Tara who was laughing did stop when she noticed what she was doing. She spoke at the same time Blake did. "Whoa" they noticed a few rips in the air that looked like nothing but spatial matter. As Blake started walking to the nearest rip Tara grabbed him by the ear and pulled him back. Before a car was heard swerving down the street and Blake looked at it noticing it was Jasons car. Blake started laughing his ass off before his ear was gripped harder by Tara who was getting mad "Sis. My ear.. OUCH. SIS MY EAR" Tara didn't realize what she was doing because she quickly let go of Blake's ear and spoke "Sorry" before Tara's cellphone began to ring and Blake just looked at her knowing this was probably going to be a mission. "Bank robbery in progress Speedtress. We need your help along with Accels. This is a dire situation. Please" as Blake looked at Tara waiting for her to rely the message to him he started dancing doing the moonwalk and what not before Tara hung up the phone and spoke "Suit up little brother" Blake's eyes opened as he screamed out in his own little world "PAUSE" There Blake was. Crying infront of himself and Tara in a fictional universe. He had puppy eyes and his nose had giant droplets coming from them before the scene cut back to reality and showed Blake zooming around the block screaming "WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO" Quickly Blake and Tara would press their rings at the same time. Both made from pure gold. They would both move at highspeeds to basically put their suits on without alarming the human eye. From there they nodded at eachother before heading off into the giant city of nowhere. Seriously these guys lived like next to a Bayou or something. Never really realized where Blake and Tara lived until now. But yes they were running to the closest city which in this situation happened to be once arrived Tara would start scouting the area looking for the people she should have been dealing with. BOOM. The sound of an explosion. Considering the situation it was most likely C4. Quickly Tara acting faster then Blake could took off and started running towards the area but was tackled by someone. It was Dark Speed. Basically he was this clone and then it got REALLY bad because he wasn't suppose to turn out.. Well you know Dark? Anyway Blake was about to tackle Dark Speed when he heard Tara scream out "I get Speed you get the criminals" Blake shrugged his shoulders before running off after the car that was now getting away from the nation bank when a man pulled out a simple handgun and began firing off on him and this did nothing but make me angry. "Oh well look. I Try to save YOUR LIFE. I try to give YOU a home. Yea it may be a jail cell but DAMMIT its better then my plan"With that said Blake would dash forward and start banging on the left back tire moving at a fast rate causing the tire to bust open and send the car swerving into the train station pole because this weird town had trains outside like New York or something. Once the car stopped Blake thought to himself "Why the hell do criminals always drive away in black escalades?" okay maybe this wasn't the best time for this question but Blake didn't care. He quickly grabbed a cheap wire off the floor and would run back to the escalade before everyone was fully out the car and just start circling it allowing them out before tying them all to the Escalade. From there Blake dusted off his hands before noticing two approaching officers and knew he should talk and explain but he had business to attend to. "Cya" before dashing off back towards the direction he came from. Quickly swerving out of certain areas and cutting through many alleyways Blake wanted to make sure his sister was alright but found her and Dark Speed fighting but actually felt interested. Like he wanted to legit sit down and watch. They were moving at a speed Blake couldn't keep up with. Every fifth word was what Blake could make from this but knew he really wanted this over before it even began. So yea Blake would start walking towards Tara and Dark Speed who were deep involved in battle before stopping to look at Blake. "Okay so yea... You two sure about this? I mean. Cmoe on" Dark Speed looked at Tara who looked at Blake whom simply shrugged his shoulder. From those words Dark Speed grabbed Blake and tossed him at his greatest speed which was like 1000 miles per hour or something before Dark Speed came and stopped the fool who was quickly going bye bye. Honestly he hadn't really known he had that much of an impact that someone wanted to make him a human yoyo. Nothing but kids. Everyday.. "Tara?" is what Blake said before he continued being dragged away by that Dark Speed fellow. Speaking of which where the hell was Tara. "Where are you Accel? Just tell me are you still in the city" How the fuck did they expect Blake to know where he was at if they did nothing for trust in that.

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