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 Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]

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Soviet Jesus


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PostSubject: Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]   Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:12 pm

Hiim stood off to the southern end of the arena kicking the dusty ground with his feet and looking at the massive amounts of lights above him. Yawning he would await for his opponent to enter and the fight be signaled to begin by the referee.

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Flash Prime

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PostSubject: Re: Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]   Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:30 pm

She walked into the huge arena. She was in here once before and got beat by an giant green walking penis, while taking out a famous actor kid named 'Superboy' or something like that. She didn't remember the exact details of how it went down, but it went down. The arena was 50 by 50 meters wide, on the two sides of them there was the audiences. There was numerous rubber covered poles outside of the arena, and large studio speakers as well. They were a little bit louder than a amplified rock concert, which was 125 decibels. This was needed for the audiences to hear it, since the arena spreaded out such large distances. "Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a newer gent, here challenging... " Whispers where heard in the background, as the announcer consulted the other guys. "Ranker number 3! You've seen her before, as she got took out by.." More whispers where heard. "John Stuart, and she took out Kon-El!" The combined cheers and boos of the audience were extremely loud, there was about 25,000 people there that night. Reaching louder than the speakers. As Kira walked deeper into the arena, she felt the white arena floor below herself. She hardened her suit, which instantly spread around her body. Becoming as hard as diamond and as flexible as rubber. It could withstand up to 30,000 pounds of force. The suit that covered her had a greenish black color. And, had small clear web covered eye holes that could be seen out of perfectly. The eye indentures had a thin web of the material covering it. (Not steel, not any type of metal. Just a unnamed material.) The web pattern covering the eye holes gave her eyes protection as well. There was 2 inch of space between her eyes and the web material covering them, only on the eyes. The rest of the suit was about 5 centimeters up from her skin. The suit formed and solidified instantly, as she walked into the arena. The arena announcer finally made for the arena match to start after about 30 more seconds of meaningless chatter, and him mentioning the restraints and stipulations of the battle. Speeding forward at speeds of 150 MPH. She was less than 5 meters away from the man. She would overwhelm her opponent with numerous punches at speeds of 150 MPH and with 3000 pounds of force, she used all four of her arms for this. 


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Soviet Jesus


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PostSubject: Re: Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]   Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:51 pm

'Cut the power'

Speakers were shut off in one fell swoop before they could emit as much as a single sound their electricity was ripped up into the sky. Yawning he would await the girl who rushed at him, as soon as she started for him he simply sidestepped where she ran smack dab into the chain link fence, which you guessed it was now electrified. This having happened some thirty seconds before, it was quite cute really after the speakers cut out a hush fell over the crowd all the people silent for what was to come.

As soon as the bitch with four arms even moved more than twenty meters, Hiim hopped a total of five feet away from the fence which he was leaning on. It was to the left and forward a bit, and that is when he brought the electricity into the fence of course which the woman would run into at a full speed of 150 mph. Of course these fence was reinforced with many steel re barb beams in between the rubber pillars. This meant the electricity would go and run into the rubber pillars normally. This time however, there was a super conductive material newly introduced.

Quote :
The eye indentures had a thin web of the material covering it. (Not steel, not any type of metal. Just a unnamed material.

It took the electricity to it in an instant before the girl was even ten meters away and it jumped with a certain someone's help(Hiim) into the woman's eyes boiling them completely before jumping further into her brain and giving her a severe amount of brain damage and knocking her out. Her body would continue to move forward however and she would crush all of her bones as her suit jolted into the fencing and re barb, the intertia would mix her organs like a shake. The jump between the air and the fence was a total of one second where the electricity stayed for a split second before jumping back again into the highly conductive material that was right next to Kira's eyes.

"Any others?" Hiim would say before teleporting away before the speakers or the crowd could make any noise again.

((Now I could say you never used the suit and whatnot but eh whatever, not only is that highly metagaming but ah fuck it Ive interupted your special use the crowd no jutsu anyways, blow me or use a skill next time dumbass.))

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PostSubject: Re: Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]   

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Hiim vs Kira [Ladder Match]
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