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Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Sean Michael Collin

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Sean Collin


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PostSubject: Sean Michael Collin   Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:10 pm

Sean Michael Collin
"I'll do what i want,no matter what you say."

The Biography

Birth Name: Sean Collin
Aliases: none at the time
Gender: male
Age: 16
Birth Date: 1996

Appearance: Sean at first glance just seems like a kid, though an attractive one at that. His hair is a golden blonde, a natural one at that and his eyes a strange kind of blue that’s not quite sapphire but close. He prefers to wear simple graphic tees and blue jeans,coupled with converse. Skin is a fair color relatively clear of blemishes except for a few pimples on his cheek, though they are not too apparent. Is still wearing braces, though hes hoping to get them off soon.

Personality: Shy and withdrawn, Sean would rather stay to himself instead of being around other people. In short he is what some would call the silent, brilliant type of guy but he would have to disagree with the brilliant part of that statement. His humor is a self deprecating kind that mostly involves him insulting himself for someone else’s amusement; works most of the time actually. Intuitive,he tends to figure things out quicker than the average person but is not as some would put it “psychic”,it’s a trait he said to have learned from his mother. All in all he would be considered the shy, borderline antisocial type of person.

The Capability



    Main Specialty:Projection
    Sub Specialty: Witty


    Main Power: Hydrokinesis
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)


    Name: basic water manipulation
    Rank: C
    Power: Hydrokinesis
    Description: Sean is capable of moving water with a thought, from either a source or with great concentration a plant. He is unable to do more than splash someone with water,which honestly won’t do much. He can move the water with a thought but nothing more than that,capable of making basic shapes such as spheres and rings if he concentrates hard enough.

    Name: Water tendrils
    Rank: C
    Power: hydrokinesis
    Description: Sean forms whip like construct with water and moves them around with his mind. They work the same way as a real one would,allowing him to wrap something up or hit it with the force of a whip. They can also be formed with blades at the tip, though they usually disperse on contact not without damage of course. The whips can extend up to around twenty meters and they can damage up to C level durability, though any higher would ignore the attack with ease.

    Name: Water walking
    Rank: D
    Power: Hydrokinesis
    Description: Sean can condense water below him and thus allow him to walk on the water, though he must keep a part of his concentration on the water, otherwise it will return to a more liquid stat and he would fall in. He can’t maintain it if he is going past a fast walk.

    Name: Water bubble
    Rank: D
    Power: Hydrokinesis
    Description: Sean moves the water around his head, thus allowing him to basically breath under water. If the bubble is broken and he does not maintain concentration, it will break and he will be forced to hold his breath until he can form another.

    Name: Mass drain
    Rank: C
    Power: Hydrokinesis
    Description: if he is surrounded by a large amount of water sources or a large water source,such as plants ,pools and such, he can simply spread his mind out and draw all of the water to him. The sources have to be within twenty five meters of him and he basically becomes numb to the world while he does so, which means he would be an easy target while doing so. At the most he is capable of gathering around fifty gallons,trying to exceed that would result in mental and physical strain that could prove detrimental. He could possibly exceed that limit after mastering this ability.


    Name:Photographic memory
    Description: Sean easily remembers things,faces,numbers and even sequences of things. They all come naturally to him and his mind easily can compute things that your average person has trouble with.

    Specialty: Witty
    Rank: D
    Description: Sean is a capable artist, able to render almost anything he wants if he has a sketchpad and paper.

Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)



The Background

History: He was raised by what seemed like a normal family. When in fact half of it was far from normal. His mother was an extremely powerful witch. Though his dad was pretty much normal. He grew up as any child really, with school and all of those things. His mother tried to teach him her arts but that ended up nowhere, seeing as he had no interest in magic in the least. He was more interested in having friends and things like that. His power began to develop around age fifteen,when he managed to tip over a bottle of water without even touching it. At first he thought it was nothing but eventually he noticed that water acted with his thoughts and soon enough he realized that he was possibly one of those mutants he had heard about. Which lead to him beginning to train his power until he could further use it better.

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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Re: Sean Michael Collin   Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:29 pm

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Sean Michael Collin
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