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 Sonny Drake - Dragoon

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PostSubject: Sonny Drake - Dragoon   Sonny Drake - Dragoon EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 8:28 pm

Sonny Drake
Hey... Your shoe's untied.

The Biography

Birth Name: Sonny Drake
Aliases: Drake, Dragoon, Blessed Swordsman
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Date: April 12
Class: Blessed

Sonny stands at 5'6 and is around 135 pounds. His attire usually consists of a dark hoodie, jeans, and a basic t-shirt underneath.

Personality: Sonny is a very immature and playful young man at heart. He loves to joke around and have fun whenever possible. He had made a resolution to have enough fun for 2 people, to carry on the memory of his older brother.

Sonny feels as though his brother lives on within him, and sometimes acts just like him. He is able to become very serious when needed. This part of him is willing to make sacrifices to further his own goals. He sometimes clashes with himself, fighting over what is right and what shouldn't be done.

Sonny is dedicated to bettering himself. "Be better than the you of yesterday, every day." His sheer willpower is enough to keep him going every time he feels like he is going to collapse. It's not the strength of an individual that wins fights, but their will to go on.

Sonny has a strong sense of justice, although sometimes he might take it to an extreme. He is willing to kill a person who has committed themselves to evil. The possibility that they might come back to kill more people would haunt him. Even then he mainly wants to preserve life however he can. Despite this, he has taken on a new mission to become an assassin for good, wanting to kill all the crime lords that he can.

Sonny is unprejudiced when it comes to facing opponents. Although he might not like fighting a woman, it would be something that he would do anyway. When fighting, Sonny likes to show off whenever possible, but is wise when it comes to fighting seriously. He would never put himself in the way of death just to be flamboyant.

The Capability

Rank: C


    Main Specialty: Weapon Expert
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowress


    Main Power: Mystical Arts
    Main Power: Aerokinesis
    Sub Power:
    Sub Power:

    Name: Sharpness Manipulation
    Rank: C
    Power: Mystical Arts
    Description: Relying upon the mystical arts that he received from Ragnarok, Sonny has learned to manipulate the sharpness around things. Sonny is thus effectively able to make a cutting weapon out of many dull objects, or create a point for stabbing.
    This ability creates a small area of mystical area around things that he touches, changing their sharpness quality. The actual item doesn't become sharp, but it appears to be so as the sharpness is unable to be seen, but someone with insane vision would be able to notice that the item cuts something without actually touching it. The sharpness only protrudes about 1 mm from the item.
    Sonny must have his hands within 4 inches of the item he wishes to change its sharpness quality to use this ability.

    Name: Razor Wind
    Rank: C
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: Using his limbs or a weapon, Sonny is able to use his aerokinesis in conjunction with his martial arts to make razor wind, appearing as semi-visible crescents. Their visibility is that like gasoline, creating a shimmering effect and distorting the light that passes through it. These crescents move around 45 mph on average, while some that have more power behind the physical motion can go about 5 mph faster, and those that have less emphasis in their motion can be as low as 30 mph. This ability is strong enough to cut through most human flesh to leave deep cuts. This can be fatal if hit in the throat. The crescents take the same size as whatever was used to create them. (Leg, sword, knife, ect.)

    Name: Flight
    Rank: C
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: Manipulating the air around him, Sonny is able to lift himself into the air with his mind and use this for flight. Sonny can use this to fly up to 150 mph. This ability appears as normal flight.

    Name: Wind Manipulation
    Rank: D
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: Sonny is able to mildly manipulate the wind, changing the direction and speed of it over a radius of 1 mile. He can change the wind to stop, change direction, or speed up. The maximum speed he can change the wind to is 10 mph.

    Name: Increased Lung Capacity
    Rank: D
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: Manipulating the density and elements of the air, Sonny is able to increase his intake of oxygen. This can be used to hold up to two hours worth of oxygen that would normally be needed.

    Name: Wind Barrier
    Rank: C
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: A large 6x6 foot invisible barrier is created in front of Sonny using a large amount of wind funnels. Anything physical object that passes through the barrier will be simultaneously pulled at in multiple directions, causing it to be suspended in the air if weighing 100 pounds or less and is durable enough to withstand the pulling. If it isn't durable enough, it will be pulled apart or tear. The amount of objects that can be held is unlimited as long as they don't exceed the space of the barrier or the weight limit of 100 pounds. The strongest material that will be ripped up by this ability is wood.

    Anyone with enhanced durability can withstand this ability, but anyone without will have tears created in the skin if a limb is caught in the barrier. It will also be a bit difficult for somebody to pull a limb out of the barrier. There is 100 pounds of force keeping the object in the barrier. The barrier will stay up until Sonny takes it down or it is broken.

    Name: Air Spheres
    Rank: C
    Power: Aerokinesis
    Description: Sonny is able to condense air into spheres of air that become highly volatile. The spheres implode large amounts of dense air when coming in contact with a physical object, then explode outward. They pull vicious wind in all directions, and then explode with great force. The spheres have become so dense to the point that they are visible, appearing as a grey sphere with many streaks going in all directions. Sonny is able to send these out at about 35 mph. At their top speed of 35 mph Sonny may only curve them slightly, about as much as a baseball player curves a baseball. If he uses them at speeds 20 mph and lower, he can actively control their direction and then speed them up to top speed if he wishes. If he speeds them up from a slower speed, he will be unable to slow them down or change their direction at all, including curving them. These have been strong enough to tear steel on the impact of the explosion.

    The implosion will violently bring in all objects at a speed of 20 mph within a within a 3 foot radius into it as long as the objects weigh less than 4 pounds. They will then encircle the sphere until it explodes.

    About 1 second after contact the sphere will then explode, sending out all objects in seperate directions. Usually dirt and pure air act as the main projectiles, however bullets and other light objects can be picked up. The actual impact of the explosion only reaches about 2 feet in radius, but the projectiles have a range of about 20 feet. Air stops being effective at 3 feet, but is able to leave many cuts at that distance. Dirt and other objects with the weight and size of dirt particles will stop being effective at about 10 feet, but large amounts are very dangerous at up to 5 feet. It can leave small cuts at a range of 5-10 feet. Other projectiles have a range of 20 feet, having full effectiveness the whole range.

    The limit of these works in a sort of slot function. Each post can only recharge one slot. Meaning that one could be fired per post, or that two could be fired every 2 posts. Each recharge will take place at the end of the post.
    Post 1- Two fired.
    Post 2 - One recharges.
    Post 3- One fired. One recharges.
    Post 4 - One fired. One recharges.
    Post 5- None fired. Two available next post.

Name: Wind Needles
Rank: C-B (C)
Power: Aerokinesis
Description: Sonny brings his fingers, hand, ect. to his mouth and forms a very small hole about 3 cm or less wide. Sonny then uses his enhanced lung power mixed with his aerokinesis to blow very compact needles made of air. These travel around 70 miles per hour and are completely visible grey needle-shaped bursts of air. With the combined strength and small size of these needles they are able to go through one normal 2x4 piece of wood and halfway through a second. Straws are the easiest thing for Sonny to use and are a weapon that little would expect. There is a limit of 3 needles per post.

Name: Don't Come at Me, Bro.
Rank: C
Power: Aerokinesis
Description: Combining his aerokinesis with a physical motion, Sonny is able to make gusts of wind in all directions (or specific directions) at 60 mph in a 50 foot radius. This is useful in expelling gaseous agents from his area or offsetting attackers trying to come at him. Bro. This wind lasts about 7 seconds before dying out. Sonny is only able to do this once per post.

    Name: Dullness Manipulation
    Rank: C
    Power: Mystical Arts
    Description: Sonny is able to use this ability as a reverse to his Sharpness Manipulation. Using the same concept as the other ability, Sonny can turn sharp weapons into bludgeons or make things awkward to hold onto. If Sonny has his hands within 8 inches of the target, he can form a blunt edge around it. The energy used to form this ability is extremely awkward to hold onto, feeling as if an unknown force was repelling their hand from it. This can be used to turn knives practically useless, and form 'barriers' around handles to hinder the opponent from handling their weapon properly.
    Sonny can only form barriers around the handle if the opponent isn't holding onto it at the time. He can still form barriers around the blade, however. This does not change the actual dullness of the weapon; it only creates a very small barrier around the weapon that is dull on its own. The barrier is seemingly impossible to break without shattering the weapon, as it is too small to be precisely broken. It only extends about 1 mm from the weapon. An energy attack ranked C or higher will be able to destroy the aura.


    Name: Combat Adept
    Specialty: Weapon Expert
    Rank: C
    Description: Sonny is a highly trained individual when it comes to using bladed weapons. Swords and knives are his main area of expertise, being learned in many ways to effectively use them.

    Name:Heightened Dexterity
    Specialty: Physical Prowress
    Rank: C
    Description: Sonny's accuracy has evolved way above the normal human's level. He is able to aim at a target moving at an average speed, and hit it with pinpoint accuracy. At speeds starting at 50 mph that are moving horizontal to him (not straight at or away from him) his aim starts to fluctuate. He will be unable to pinpoint his shots, but he might be able to get his shots on target most of the time at least. Sonny's balance and acrobatic ability is also increased, granting him the skill of a gymnast. He is able to move freely on thick ropes without losing his balance.



    Name: Ragnarok
    Rank: C
    Description: Ragnarok is a highly wisdomic sword that is able to speak to its wielder. Only if he finds it necessary, or if the wielder has proven himself worthy to him will Ragnarok converse with them. When the user gains in their own skill, then Ragnarok's power will be directly correlated with them. Ragnarok's rank is always equal to the user's. Ragnarok is able to be called by the will of the wielder. Simply mouthing the word 'Ragnarok' will summon the blade to the wielder, appearing in a sheathe on their back. Mouthing the word again will send him back to his own plane.
    Origin:Ragnarok is a legendary sword that has gone through history being wielded by many highly skilled swordsmen. Many have spent their lives searching for him to become his next champion, slaughtering families at the mere idea that they may know something about him. These men were ignorant to the fact that Ragnarok isn't chosen, but is the one that chooses.
    Ragnarok's most recent champion had died of a heart attack before he could send the sword away to let him pick his next champion. Ragnarok was sent to a museum where he stayed for almost 50 years, being awed at by common onlookers. None of these people were deserving of his power.
    It was fate that a man named Slick managed to get his hands on Ragnarok. It was also fate that led him to be killed by the vengeful teenager named Sonny Drake. Sensing the potential within this young prodigy, Ragnarok called out to him. When Sonny grabbed Ragnarok by the hilt, he became the new champion. Ragnarok had chosen.

The Background

History: Sonny grew up without much leisure or luxury. He developed his powers from a young age, but didn't like to talk about it.

Sonny soon discovered he was more than just more athletic than everyone else. One day a bunch of kids decided to put the show off in his place, and they knew that Sonny had never fought a day in his life. The fight seemed to go his way with ease though. As he kicked, a sort of razor wind had come out of legs, and landed small cuts on the boys that made them run away in fear.

Sonny's older brother always seemed to be his father figure. Their father was involved in an accident that killed their mother and left their father with a mental handicap. It was a surprise he was even allowed to keep the children. So instead of being a superpowered show off and enjoying being young, Oscar went off to find work to support his brother and now child father. Sonny didn't show it much, but he always appreciated Oscar more than anything.

Life was tolerable for a while. That was at least until Sonny turned 17. It wasn't but two weeks after his birthday that he found his reason to be a hero. Walking home from the grocery store with his brother, they got a call from their neighbor telling them that their father was playing in the road again. It was so hard to get him to realize how dangerous that was! He was like a 200 pound baby! It was a little exasperating but they weren't angry. They decided it would e best to take a shortcut though. They weren't expecting to be caught up in a drive-by that night. There was never a problem when they took this way before. This night just happened to be different. It was too dark for Sonny to react, and Oscar knew that. His powers were only strong enough to create a small barrier around Sonny, saving his life, but losing his own in the process.

That night, Sonny lost Oscar and his father. When he finally returned home, his father was gone and only a blood stain lay out on the street. Sonny didn't have any time to sulk, though. It was time for him to plot his vengeance. He started with the petty thugs that had shot his brother, and started working his way up. Everyone involved with that gang was being slaughtered by him until he caught the attention of a man named Slick. However, the attention didn't last long. Sonny murdered him too.

That night, as he lay on the ground exhausted and covered in blood, a voice called out to him. At first he thought it was another criminal coming out to try and get back at him. But the voice came from the wall decorated with swords. It called to Sonny, telling him that he would make him strong if he only allowed him to. Ragnarok found his new champion.

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Sonny Drake - Dragoon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sonny Drake - Dragoon   Sonny Drake - Dragoon EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 9:43 pm

Put some stuff down on appearance. We have the picture, but we need to know things like height, weight, etc.

—Name: Razor Wind
—Rank: C
—Power: Aerokinesis
—Description: Using his limbs or a weapon, Sonny is able to use his aerokinesis in conjunction with his martial arts to make razor wind, appearing as semi-visible crescents. Their visibility is that like gasoline, creating a shimmering effect and distorting the light that passes through it.

How fast do they move, and how much damage do they do aswell? Like what can it cut through? Can it cut someone's arm off, or only hit them with enough power to give deep gashes? I hope the latter. Also on average, how large are these razer winds?

—Name: Combat Adept
—Specialty: Weapon Expert
—Rank: C
—Description: Sonny is a highly trained combatant in many martial arts. He relies on using his weapons when fighting, but is also adept at using his bare hands.
Sonny is adept at using swords, knives, firearms, poles, spears, nun-chucks, and tonfa. He is also experienced at throwing objects.

You have too much under this one C rank skill. You either choose this as a MA skill, or choose it as a weapon specialty skill. Like if you specialized in firearms, that doesn't mean you'd be adept at knives. Same goes for pole arms to nun-chucks. Focus on one type of weapon at a time for skills.

For your blade, it'll be a basic blade, no jumping planes, talking, etc, until you bless it.

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Sonny Drake - Dragoon Empty
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Sonny Drake - Dragoon
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