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 South Texas

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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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PostSubject: South Texas   South Texas EmptyWed May 30, 2012 2:54 am

South Texas 12831919551827

South Texas

The Biography

Birth Name: [Classified]
Aliases: South Texas
Gender: -
Age: -
Birth Date: 4th of November
Class: The Blessed/Damned

Possessing the rough, general appearance of a hulking creature decked out in large, camouflaged armour, it would not be hard to be mislead. Either for it's ethical alignment- the equipment it appears to be wearing does seem to posses a level of sophistication, but it's a false thought. The armour is bone, natural plating from the surface of the creature. Strangely enough it does not seem to have any real protective beyond being slightly harder then the skin of human kind, possessing enough power to shrug of the average punch like so many easily shifted kilograms. Point in case, the creature is larger then the average human, easily hulking overhead. If it ever bothered to stand up straight -and it does occasionally- it would reach a maximum height of two and a half meters: including it's horn. Without it, Texas stands at roughly two hundred and fifteen centimetres in length. But the being doesn't stand up straight normally, South slouches slightly, bringing his total height just under two meters. Not that it would help him hide in a crowd any, having a plated head almost done in the late samurai style, a unearthly glow blinks, winks and illuminates the underneath of the helmet. In truth, the eye colour is green, but with eyes that are as big as South's, the reflected sunlight creates this effect. At night nothing can be seen peaking out beneath the slitted plates. The pigmentation of the plates comes from a biological change that reflects the personality of the person, sometimes his colouration will be the standard green, black and purple. But occasionally there will come to be the absolute blank white, with brief lines of black. A bloody crimson, yellow and green. The colours will vary upon the past. Yes that is correct, you cannot base the current personality of South off his colouration, because it would be not only stupid for such a thing to evolve, but detrimental.
So no, the current colouration that South wears shows a mix of the emotions he has felt approximately eighteen hours previously, that being the length of time required for any major changeover to become apparent.
What is most apparent is that his physiology is much different then most would expect. He doesn't have the vocal cords that some might expect from the general humanoid appearance. This is not to say he doesn't have the capacity to vocalise sounds, indeed he has become heavily multi-lingual in the use of many of the major languages that those on Earth use, just that his biological make-up is much different. He has several nubs of bones lining his throat canal, these vibrate in the method South wishes to talk. Unlike many other creatures of similar humanoid appearance, this allows him to communicate in a most versatile manner, from the high pitched squeak of a bat, to the heavy brass tones of the singer.


Despite a bestial appearance, South has a clever, delicate mind. He does however continue to follow this first contradiction with the contours of his personality. Violent yet gentle, peaceful, yet aggressive. Ruthless and kind. These contradictions continually follow each other around. Unlike some might thing, he is not sociopathic or even remotely disabled to experience any range of emotion. They all just mean so little to him, that he only uses the ones he cares about at any moment in time. If, for example he is required to use in any given situation, is rage- that will be all that will appear in an instant. If the situation calls for the use of most delicate tact, he can adapt to it. Some might consider this a benefit, but socially distant that he is, at most he is imperfectly perfect in the art of social interactions. This is simply because he cannot place the appropriate emotion into the right situation, he won't go completely wrong, and tear a baby in half when he is touching it, but he won't feel the usual protectiveness most people feel, and given enough aggravation on the baby's behalf, will quite happily tear it in half. But given suitable motivation he can overcome such a problem, suggesting it is done purposefully, but beyond a telepath confirming this, there is little to no point in speculating.

The Capability



    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess


    Main Power: Evolution: Users can trigger a bodily recovery system, resetting their genome and upgrading to a better physical form. Some may be able to reset their anatomy on a whim,others may have to absorb enough energy,and still others may require being upon the brink of death. Upgrading can lead to new bodily enhancements or perhaps extra parts.Some may gain armor or weapons, Few users may only be able to evolve other individuals instead of themselves. High end weilders of this ability can control the very flow and essence of progressive mutation, not just simply evolving creatures to a new state of being but also de-evolving them to an even more regressed form.

    Main Power: Probability Manipulation: Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things not to happen. The user can cause random unlikely events to occur more often, and liable events to not happen. Can cause sudden death, earthquakes, increased accuracy, winning the lottery, and even evoking apocalyptic events to occur. Can endow good or bad fortune, such as breaking something actually causes bad luck, or carring around a "lucky charm" actually causes good luck.




The Background

The story of South Texas is a long and storied tale, with a heavy back story involving several skirmishes between organisations such as S.H.I.E.L.D and H.Y.D.R.A. Each one inadvertently adding their own unique touch to the slowly developing creature, but the starting genetic structure had been taken from two beings who weren't normally available to the normal plane- a God child, so to speak. These battles weren't entirely fair on either side, each one involving a concept that is more commonly known to those who have Secret Operation Teams, Nick Fury being one such leader who was unafraid of these groups and made several of his on covert action organisations to achieve various aims. No one knows per say whether or not he fought over South Texas at one point, all of that is in the classified files, not even a telepathic hero/villain can extract removed memories.
Suffice to say that the embryo that carried around the modified gene sequence that was being carted around to and fro didn't exactly appreciate the attention, and it was in one such skirmish that it decided to place it's own input on the proceedings, rising up out of the liquid. Before proceeding to attack and mostly destroy both teams in question. Why? It might be worth questioning why a newly formed organism possessed the capability to fight on even terms with a group of people that should have destroyed it outright, and indeed they would have had they possessed some more variation in their weaponry, but beyond various designs of guns and bladed weapons, the creation only had to adapt to their existence in combat. And without much ado, through a process of strangulation and piercing, members of the two teams were removed from active duty. Fleeing quickly from such a scene, it adapted further, a thin level or armour growing to cover it's tender flesh from the rigours of our sun.
It has slowly grown in strength ever since.

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The Superior Spider

The Superior Spider

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PostSubject: Re: South Texas   South Texas EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 9:07 pm

"He can affect tank bullets or anything of that calibre, but any hand held rifle, pistol or shotgun can be effected."

That was in your ability. I think you meant to put can't effect tank bullets
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Ford Perfect

Ford Perfect

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*Facedeks* Edited.
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South Texas
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