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 JESsica STERling [Update]

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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: JESsica STERling [Update]   Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:10 pm

I have no motives. I just want to watch the world burn.

The Biography

Birth Name: Larah Sa'l Ghar
Aliases: "Jesteria" - "Merry Andrew" - "Jessica Sterling"
Gender: Female
Age: Presumed 25
Birth Date: November 23
Class: Human with Issues


Out of Costume:


Jessica Sterling:


A deranged sociopathic assassin that wants to see nothing but the world burn. This describes Larah completely. In no means is she sane, or even capable of showing sanity. She kills because she can. She can not be bought, negotiated with, or bullied. When her eyes are set on something, she will do it with the utmost efficiency. Whether this is training or her own morals is unknown. However, she is a fan of theatrics and will constantly test others to see just how 'sane' they really are. Her main goal is to bring people down to her own level to where she can use them for her own purposes. Those purposes usually involve slaughter for sport. The woman has been crazy enough to purposely break prisoners out of jail simply to cause mayhem for a city's officers and kill them off one by one, as they attempted to handle the chaos she had caused. Her reason for doing this? There was none. She was an agent of chaos attempting to spread it even more. When the announcement of Supers and heroes began to sprout, she saw them nothing more than sport. In the end, they'd burn down with the people they wished to protect. When playing the role of her Jesteria persona, she has a bad habit of using her victims own blood and guts to draw a crooked maniacal grin on their face, and her face aswell. Her reason for doing this is usually related to a story that changes each time she tells it. If the story is the real reason she does it, or if it really is a sick fetish she enjoys, is unknown.

When it comes to pet peeves, Jesteria will kill anyone who tries to control or order her around. When it comes to enemies, she does enjoy torture when the time calls for it. She thinks guns are too fast, and blades make death nice and slow. However, she will use anything at her disposal. Larah, the original personality, is more stern and harsh on others. This personality is the Assassin personality. She believes in a kill or be killed world. Finally, the third main personality is Jessica Sterling, a personality fabricated to work in the guise as a government official. This personality is very indifferent. It isn't aware of the alternate personalities in its head, and is very superficial when it comes to most situations. It also finds it difficult to communicate in others, as feelings are something hard to share for whatever reason. Though Jessica is a loner, she does find comfort in the arms of others.

The Capability

Rank: B


    Main Specialty: Weapons Expert
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Witty


Skill Tree:

Continue On

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PostSubject: Re: JESsica STERling [Update]   Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:24 pm




Band of Assassins :: Plague of Shadows

Larah doesn't remember her parents, nor does she care for them. All she remembers was her childhood being brought into a cult that worshiped the art of death. At the tender age of five, Larah had her first taste of blood. The blood of a man who stole crops from a neighboring villager, in the small village she lived in when being trained. The man begged for their life, but she was already brainwashed. Being overlooked by her superiors, the young Sa'l Ghar would not hesitate to slice the throat of the man. This first act of violence had changed her life forever. The blood that splashed on her face. The blood that splashed on her hands. It felt refreshing and causes a fit of laughter. The next few years, similar cases would occur and with each kill she'd become more and more insane. The Assassins took note of this, and when she finally raised her hand to kill one of their own, she was banished from the band, never to return. For a short time in her life she mutilated animals to calm the raging impulse of murder beating in the center of her skull. This soon grew into killing thugs, and then turned into an all out slaughter of innocent people. Though, even as a sociopath, she grew bored of killing just the normal people. She wanted some sport. Some challenge. And so, she decided she would focus her attentions on the various super beings that sprouted their ugly heads across the globe. She would embarrass them. Demoralize them. And then finally kill them in their moment of weakness. Breaking them entirely.

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PostSubject: Re: JESsica STERling [Update]   Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: JESsica STERling [Update]   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:31 pm

I think I'm in love<3 you have my stamp of approval
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PostSubject: Re: JESsica STERling [Update]   

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JESsica STERling [Update]
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