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 Leader of the Pack (Training)

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PostSubject: Leader of the Pack (Training)   Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:21 am

Yawning Hiim was once again in the deserts of Texas, with a sigh he decided to do something different today, something exciting or mundane it did not matter which. Throwing his arm down low the arm would extend past where it should have stopped flowing like a super strong, super-fast molasses the arm would extend to twice it’s normal length within mere moments. After the extension the arm was launched forward to grab onto a ledge above the symbiote’s location pulling him upwards and throwing him onto the top of the plateau above. Upon the momentum Hiim rode the unseen force a few extra feet across the sandy rock before launching himself into a run using the previous force to boost the start of his sprint. His feet came down onto the rock and absorbed his weight before re-using the force to propel him towards the next step on the line. The symbiote was cloaked in a beige-tan skin on that day and was hard to spot running among the nearly barren desert. Tens of meters to his left stretched a lonely high way that had yet to receive a car along it’s route on that day. The road ran a couple more miles before hitting a small town, the small town of course being the location of Hiim’s journey.

Normally the symbiote would just teleport there, but he had not a map, had not a memory, had not the sight of the target, but most of all wanted to do something different. Leaving behind the dusty, weary shack which once held a book(see the first book) in his rear views Hiim continued his run eyes glancing to the left and right as if he was trying to absorb some kind of information and detail on the nigh featureless land. The desert rolled on like a long forgotten corpse of a giant revealing it’s bare bones to the sun, the sand would flared up and dance about in the air currents and the atmosphere shimmered with the heat given off from above and from the ground below. It was a cruel and unforgiving land, but that did not matter much to Hiim who could easily escape it’s sandy death grasp. It was as simple to him as thinking, but to the desert’s victims even running could not help them escape their fate, the beast monster that was the desert’s plains.

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Leader of the Pack (Training)
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