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 Game plan [Training]

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The Killing Joke


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PostSubject: Game plan [Training]   Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:52 am

Sitting down onto a couch, a certain female clown would be watching a television set with a large carton of ice cream in hand. Beside her was a man, tied up in a rope, and forced to look at the television set aswell. Over his mouth was grey tape, most likely to keep him from yelling for help. Taking a scoop of ice cream into her mouth, the clown would release a shiver coming from her brain, and down to her spine. Letting out a number of coughs, she'd shake her head and release a sigh. It had been a few weeks since the New Jersey remodeling project, and laying low was getting rather boring. Grabbing the remote control, the girl would flip on the television set to take a look at the news. Of course, the news of New Jersey was the first to pop up onto the screen. It showed the smiley face design let in the rubble of the city before cutting to footage of the city during the massive battle that took place in the streets. Raising a brow, the pale faced clown would take interest in a costumed Hero that was apparently fighting to keep the innocent people safe. As helicopters came in, and the young god of mischief was taking them down one by one, the weird dressed hero used what appeared to be webbing of some kind to hold the helicopters together. The basic design of these webs were brilliant, however without the correct formula to recreate them, the clown could only go off what her eyes had seen on the broadcast. Sticking the spoon into her mouth, that was currently filled with ice cream, she would raise a brow and plant a finger onto her nose. "I spy with my little eye, a nice little creation to borrow from my friendly neighborhood boy in tights! Heh!" Placing the ice cream on the man's lap, she'd say he could have the rest before flipping back over the couch and heading into the kitchen. There was about to be some mad scientist stuff going on in the place. Very weird mad scientist stuff, if she didn't say so herself. Or something like that! What am I even talking about right now?! Getting a pot of water, the clown would place it over the stove and reach into a cabinet. Placing two rubber gloves over her hands, she'd pull her masquerade mask down over her eyes and give a goofy smile. "TIEM TO EAT SUM SLIEM!" Reaching under the sink where most of the chemicals were located, the clown would take a few seconds to gather a number of materials, before pulling them up to the sink edge and pouring them into the water. She didn't exactly know much about making this webby solution, but she figured trial and error. Perhaps she'd make a concoction so potent that the world would explode! The thought put her in a giggle fit. What felt like minutes were really hours. What felt like hours were really days. But by the end of countless explosions, vicious moans, and angry neighbors, the clown queen of crime had finally created the ultimate weapon! Two little shooters she wore on her wrist that did nothing but shoot little white globs of adhesive materials that would provide a short distraction to those who could simply try to rip it off. She needed a test subject now. Snapping her fingers, she'd remember the hostage she had taken a few days back. He was still tied up and probably dying of hunger. Skipping over to him with a look of pure malice, yet innocent hidden behind the madness, the clown would strap the shooters onto her wrists. Twisting a few nobs on each of them, she'd tinker with a few control settings before looking back towards the man. "Alrighty, this should be it. Hold still, okay dead looking guy? I just need to try these out on you." Pointing her hands out towards the man, she'd press the small rubber nozzle that ran down to her palm, and released a number of webs from the rubber shooters. They shot true, and would being to spray all over the man, webbing him in a cocoon that appeared to be completely legit. The liquids began to constrict onto his body to where he couldn't move. She wasn't sure if he was already dead or not, but it was clear if she left him like this, he would die simply because he was glued to his couch..Literally. Rubbing the back of her head, the Jester would allow a maniacal smile to spread across her lips. "I would 'stick' around, but I have places to go and people to kill. Hope you don't mind, Hahaha!"
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Game plan [Training]
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