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 Kira's training

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PostSubject: Kira's training   Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:18 pm

Kira stretched out her front two arms and moved them easily and then she started to focus on her right arm in the middle. She started to focus on these muscles and tendons but this arm wouldn’t budge just by focusing on this. Kira pushed Energy from the right side of her body up through her shoulders and then situated it into this middle, right arm. Kira directed the energy as best she could to enter the muscle in this arm and started to push with her energy along the muscles. The energy pushed up against the muscles, but was doing more injury than good, hurting the muscles as they attempted to push them upward. Once Kira released that this wasn’t going to work she started to push energy out through the sweat glands on this arm. The chakra situated itself in the air around this arm and Kira held it there.

Slowly, Kira then moved more Energy into that arm, through the muscles once again. This time she had the Energy in the air cushion and help raise the arm as the chakra in the muscles did the same. The arm lifted up about an inch and Kira started to stabilize it with the chakra. The Energy was slowly fading away, so Kira supplied more, pushing even more of it out through her sweat glands. This Energy started to push it’s way through her arm and around it and she was able to move her arm another inch because of it. After that her chakra gave way and her arm fell back into a slouch beside her. Kira began again, knowing that she had to strengthen the arm. She pushed Energy around the arm and through it again and lifted it once more. Kira pushed an immense amount of concentration into doing this, and she kept supplying more and more Energy as it dispersed.

The Energy was dispersing fast as Kira got her middle, right arm up two inches and she started to flood her arm with Energy. As she did she slowly moved the arm further and further upward. The chakra in the air was now gone and the chakra inside of her arm was starting to cut her muscles. Kira dropped that arm back down and took in a deep breath. She began again, conducting the same process again. She pushed her arm up further and further, and this time with additional strength she was able to get the arm up 2 and a half inches. Kira then decided that she needed to work a little harder. She reached down and started to try to move the fingers. The fingers moved slightly, but not in the right way that Kira wanted. Kira pushed Energy out around the fingers to straighten them.

After doing this Kira started to use the Energy around the fingers to situate them correctly. She slowly moved the fingers and made them touch a twig on the sandy ground. Kira then had the fingers open more, still pushing out Energy from her hand, and then had Energy force the fingers close around the twig. Kira slowly lifted the twig with her middle, right hand and she stood up. She then started to release Energy around her wrist. She slowly started trying to move her wrist one way and then the other, but her amount of Energy wouldn’t work to move the wrist all of the way around. She then pushed a chakra coating over her wrist and had the coating start to move all as a group. In this way her wrist was rotated better, but not flawlessly or completely. Kira pushed Energy into her wrist the next time around.

Kira started to work harder at what she was doing. With Energy now around and in her wrist she started to use this strength to move the wrist. The wrist slowly rotated and Kira decided to add in a new element. At the same time that she was moving her wrist she sent Energy around her fingers. Kira slowly opened up her fingers dropping the twig as her wrist was moving. This took intense concentration with the two Energy parts at one time, but she was able to do it. However, Kira’s wrist was still not moving as far around as it should be able to. Kira pushed an enormous amount of Energy around her wrist then, and encased it in a great amount as well. Kira then moved her wrist along this pathway with her Energy. 

She learned quickly that this made an enormous difference. It took much less of a strain for her to move her wrist in this manner, and for the first time she got her wrist all of the way around. With this new found knowledge Kira started to push great amounts of Energy along her arms, both in it and around it. Using these great amounts of Energy Kira started to force her arm to lift itself, slowly at first but gaining a bit more speed as Kira supplied even more chakra. Her arm was now relying only on Energy, and it was doing well. Kira was able to raise the arm up four inches, and at the same time she tried to keep it up at that 4 inch mark. Kira kept an enormous amount of Energy below the arm like a pedestal. As the Energy dispersed Kira would quickly add more to keep it staying up.

Kira’s arm wound up sitting up for 30 seconds before Kira’s Energy was draining from her pores too slowly and it came crashing down. Kira tried yet again, this time using her middle, left arm instead of her right as her right’s muscles were very tired. Kira started to drain Energy into and around the left arm then, and slowly started forcing that arm up in the same way. Not having been used numerous times it was much stronger and reached 4.5 inches easily with the Energy it was supplied. Kira then flooded the air around that arm with a great amount of Energy, and suddenly she was able to lift it another inch. It took great strength, but with the extra Energy in the air it was definitely possible. Kira then let her arm fall and she quickly released Energy, planning on doing the same thing over again.

The arm was weaker now and only reached 5 inches. Kira then let the arm drop but pushed an enormous amount of Energy below it. She was trying to stop the arm from falling completely. When the left arm hit the cushion of Energy it slowed down but did not stop completely. Kira suddenly pushed enormous amounts of Energy from her chest into both her right and left middle arms. She then started trying to use this chakra to lift both arms at the same time. A bead of sweat fell down the side of her face as she focused so hard and slowly her arms were lifting. From her top arms she released more Energy to help lift these arms and that helped a whole lot. As the arms lifted further and further they got more and more tired. The arms finally gave out at an inch on both sides. 
Kira forced Energy up through her throat and all the way up into her mouth. As her Energy was swarming her mouth Kira started to slowly create spit from the glands a top her mouth. This spit hit the Energy and Kira tried forcing the two molecules to come together, but it didn’t work as the Energy just ate away the spit. Kira then sucked in a load of spit and released it on to the sand. She then got on her knees and put her hands on the ground. Slowly Kira admitted Energy through the ground and around the spit. As the Energy moved further and touched the spit it started to eat it away. Kira stopped the Energy and started to concentrate. She concentrated on using just a small bit of the Energy and had that small bit mix along the edge of the spit. She slowly had this chakra mix into the molecules of water, or she tried.

The Energy touched the molecules and slowly started to destroy them so Kira started to concentrate her Energy more and harder. The chakra, now like a needle, she drove into the molecule almost like a drain. As the Energy slowly entered the water molecule Kira started to completely fill that molecule with Energy. As the molecule filled up with Energy she started to push more Energy into the ground and around the wad of spit. From there she made all of the Energy slowly grow into little pins and started to push them into the puddle of spit that she had in front of her. As the Energy entered the molecules Kira started slowly trying to bring them together. As she brought the water together she released Energy into the air around the groups, and started trying to use the Energy to solidify the spit.

It worked slightly as the Energy was pressured closer together, and Kira started to squeeze tighter and tighter. Slowly the molecules were changing and linking together. Kira then noticed that her Energy was dissipating in the air, and she quickly released a whole new amount of chakra. This Energy also pressed up against the spit and helped to make it boil. As the Energy boiled it turned white and started to stick to itself as water did. The pressure from the Energy slowly made the spit become a type of webbing. Now having done it outside of her mouth Kira stood and started to push a large amount of chakra all around the inside of her mouth. Slowly she started to secrete spit inside of her mouth. The Energy was too much and ate away at her saliva. 

Kira then pushed Energy into her mouth, but this time she shaped them into a large amount of needles. The Energy as needle stayed on her tongue and she slowly released saliva from the top of her mouth. Before releasing this saliva however she made sure to mix in a batch of Energy into it before it dropped. The saliva hit the needles and Kira worked quickly, forcing the needles to enter specifically different molecules. It worked, but half of the molecules were destroyed in the fall. Quickly then, Kira pushed more Energy through her throat and started to condense the small amount of molecules that she still possessed. She felt it boiling and she started to chew, trying to pressurize the molecules even more. Her energy wasn’t enough and she had to push even more into her mouth and pretty soon the water molecules were grouping and becoming webbing in her mouth. 

Kira began to create the special webbing in her mouth that she had become so accustomed to. The webs fell into her mouth and she tried to move her tongue against the webbing to force it to create a net, but unfortunately it was too thick for her to move like that. Kira spit out the web and decided to try with her hands first. Kira spit the webbing out into her open front left hand. She took it and concentrated her energy  into the webbing through her hands. As she slowly pushed energy into the web she spit another web into her right front arm. She took the two webs and started to wrap them around one another, slowly, creating a kind of knot. As she did Kira thought about doing this with her mouth. Kira spit another web into her middle right hand. She took that web and began to spin into the other two.

Kira wove these three webbings into one another and tied them together. She then spit out another, but not into her hand. She spit the fourth web in between the first and second webs, connecting them. Kira pulled these webs open and slowly began to shoot webs crisscrossing over the four webs. She then needed to think of how to shot this outward to trap someone. Kira had to concentrate it into a ball form and then eject it with energy, so she began to curl the webs together. However, as she did the webs stuck to one another and was making the net loose it’s shape. Kira would wind up having to throw away this first one and make another. This time she used all six arms and kept the webs from touching as much as she could. 

As she did this Kira started trying to make the webs fold on into one another and form a circle. The webs were working well and Kira noticed that she needed to do something else as well. As she made this sphere of web she started pushing a lot of her energy into the webbing structure, that way it’d stay in tact as it was being produced. Also so that she could use this energy later. She had the energy enter the circle and remain in there, stopping the webs from touching one another. After doing this Kira had a sphere as much as she could at this point, and she tried to burst the energy forth from it. Apparently she had not pushed enough energy  into the orb and she unfurled it with her hands. 

Kira then started to reconstruct the orb, except this time she added in amazingly new amounts of energy, which she radiated from throughout her finger tips. As the energy entered the orb it stopped the webbing from touching and Kira was sure that she had it put together well. Kira then held the ball of webbing forward and started to push her chakra into it through a small opening. This energy entering hit the energy inside and started to push it against the webbing. Kira pushed harder and harder, and eventually a small hole busted in the webbing. Kira knew now that she needed to evenly distribute the chakra she was releasing. Kira began again, creating an entirely new orb this time for use. She once again filled it with amazing amounts of energy. She then started to release her energy into the air around the orb.

Having just found a hyena, Kira wanted to befriend the animal so that she could later use it in battle. Taking off her bag, she began to rummage through it and found herself some crackers. Holding them out to the animal, Kira waited for it to get closer. The hyena looked at her funny and did not move. Slowly moving forward, Kira outstretched her hand some more offering the food to the animal. Immediately it ran backwards a few feet, leaving Kira with the food. Noticing that it wouldnft come forward, she hurled the food forward for the being to eat and let it walk forward and nipple on it. After having done such it was decided that shefd give it a name and talk to it, to make it trust her and get more use to her being around. Kira called to it, saying, Iwill name you Giggles. And I will love you, forever!

At the sound of her voice, Giggles jumped backward. Smiling and trying to seem nice Kira just began to talk once again, hoping that itfd get use to the sound of her voice. gI am Kira. Please stay still.h It looked about ready to jump out of itfs fur, but the hyena stayed standing there. Slowly Kira began to nudge her hand closer, yet Giggles moved out of itfs fear and started to turn and run. Because of this she simply left a couple of crackers on the ground and sat in wait on top of a sand dune. Watching from this spot she saw it come up and start to eat. After doing this Kira held in her hand some meat, which was what Giggles really wanted. The smell was driving him inside, as Kira could clearly tell as he was debating whether to get closer or not. Holding out her hand, Kira watched as Giggles slowly made his way up the hill. This took about thirty minutes to achieve.

After this thirty minutes Giggles realized that Kira meant no harm and he came within six feet. He would come no closer. Because of this the meat was thrown forward about half a foot and Kira laid her hand down next to it. As Giggles came closer to the food he also came closer to Kirafs hand, and started to realize that it was safe. Slowly, Giggles partook in the taking of meat and slowly began to eat it, the blood rushing over his mouth as he did so. He was so focused on eating the meat that he didnft notice Kirafs hand slowly move forward near his body. Softly, she stroked his fur, and it made him jump and back up a few feet. However, this was no big deal, as Giggles would slowly walk forward again for the prize of eating the meat near Kirafs hand.

Watching and waiting, Kira then inched her hand closer and held the meat, showing Giggles that she meant no harm to him. After having done this she was able to reach out to his back and softly rub it. Now that she had touched his body and nothing bad had happened to him Giggles was much more open, yet not completely. However, now she could play with him a bit. Taking a strip of bacon, Kira wrapped it around a stick, and showed Giggles this act that she was performing. After having done this she made sure that Giggles was watching, and then the stick was thrown just a few feet in front of her. Running forward, Giggles grabbed at the stick and started to eat the bacon. The goal was to get him to bring the stick back. Unfortunately Giggles didnft get it, and that left Kira having to use another stick to show him. Wrapping bacon around this stick she threw it forward as well.

Taking out the “Animal Knowledge Book” that she had checked out from the African Library, Kira looked up at the sun that was beaming down on her as she sat in the hot sun at an oasis in the middle of the desert. Of course, since she was most often times in the desert, Kira was looking through the Desert Region of the book in an attempt to memorize the types of animals that were located here and if they were dangerous or not. Taking out a set of index cards, Kira began to write on them the animal and it‘s set of information on opposite sides. She did this for every animal in the Desert Region until she had completed them all and then she laid out the deck in front of her.

Slowly she picked up the first card. It said, “Bird-General” on the front and then Kira started trying to remember all of the information she’d written about it on the other side. Thinking back Kira remembered something about Standard, Condors, Falcons, Flightless birds, and Hawks. Turning the card over Kira realized that these were the four main sub-sections. There were more birds listed beneath them each section which Kira had not got. Picking up the next card Kira read the front which said, “Giant Ant Lion”. She thought back to what was written about the animal and found it rather hard to remember. Flipping over the card Kira started reading the information and found that there was a lot to this simple animal. Apparently it was some kind of giant ant that loved to burrow.

Kira went throughout a number of flash cards in this way, reading the animal and then it’s description. Passing through all of them she then knew that she needed to go back and try again. Doing so she once more memorized them as best she could. After doing so she flipped the cards around then and shuffled then. At this point she was now reading the small description. The description she read first said, “Ferocious and flesh eating birds that stand about seven feet tall.” Thinking back to the tens of cards she’d already gone through Kira finally recollected that it was a Beaked Terror and moved on. In this way she went through the deck a second time, starting with the descriptions of the beasts and trying to guess what creature it was. This method helped her a great deal in memorizing the creatures of the desert. 

After having gone through the cards so much Kira looked through the book then and only looked at pictures, no words. From these pictures she attempted to use what she’d learned from the flash cards to guess the animals. There were some that she immediately messed up, for example, going General Flightless Birds confused with Beaked Terror. However, there were some she easily got right, like the Bulette, or the land shark. After going once through Kira would go back to the beginning and stop and study each individual picture. If she were ever to go out in the wild she needed to know what these creatures appeared to be to identify them. As such no detail was unnoticed by her eye and she linked the pictures to the creature’s names, coming up with a brilliant method of memorizing them all. 

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Kira's training
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