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 Die. [Training]

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PostSubject: Die. [Training]   Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:43 pm

//Larah Sa'l Ghar of Earth 616. Die.\\

The grotesque hand, decayed and crawling with what appeared to be maggots, would puncture the rotting soil of the Dark Star. The decayed fist would open, revealing what appeared to be three black rings on the palm of its hand. The feint black hue that resonating amongst the rings seemed to be beating like a heart. They were syncing to the heart beats of the hosts they were meant to find. Those that inspired, and welcomed the embrace of death. Those that could not only comprehend, but contain the absolute truth of death. Around this single decayed hand, the rotten carcass of the planet would begin to be punctured by a number of hands. In each hand there were three rings with a similar case as the first. This war ridden world was dead. There was no signs of life, yet there was still movement. As if even the dead could not rest. Suddenly, the dark sky of the star would be illuminated, as each ring would be fired from the planet. Each trio had a certain planet to travel to, and the certain three on our specific list would be heading to Earth. This presence of death that was subtly digging into the spine of every being was finally on its way to Earth.

The Blackest star falls from the skies..

It had been months since Jesteria had left Tianlong, China. At that time, she was still named Larah Sa'l Ghar, and hadn't became the clown she was today. The Order had excommunicated her simply because of troubles in the past. About chaos, and the deaths she caused because of her actions. Now, to be honest, the clown couldn't care less about the lives of her colleagues. That's what made her so feared when it came to her allies and enemies. After all, she destroyed an entire city and killed her own people, simply to clear the board of obstructs. Well, other than that, she wanted to put a smile on New Jersey's face, and that's what she did by the end of it. When looking at the wreckage from above, it would resemble a large grin. To think such a murderous woman would be brought back here to an organization that craved Order, when she was chaos incarnate. She more expected them to attempt to murder her in cold blood, but even that would be difficult now would it? She had ears and eyes everywhere on the streets. That's what happened when you were charismatic and people feared you. They wanted to be on your "GOOD" side. Goooood side. Was there such thing as a GOOD side, anymore? Especially in one that played games with the lives of those around her? That didn't seem so "GOOD" now did it? The thought of it all made a large deranged smile to spread across her face.

The darkness reaps as all light dies..

The Milky way galaxy was probably one of the most under developed galaxies in the entirety of the universe. However, even humanity realized the absolution of death, and thus they played a hand in the enigma's creation. Like falling stars in the nighttime sky, the rings would dive into Earth's atmosphere without any signs of stopping. The three rings would separate once breaching the stratosphere, going each their separate way. One would head directly towards Asia, with a target already programmed into its being. A mystical program written by the enigma of death itself. Though, most pictured programs as a sort of computer connection, this program was much different in origin. An artificial connection with an organic base. Very confusing to explain, but to make it simple for those out there, it goes like this. The star itself would be classified as the server, and the rings the client. If the planet was to ever be destroyed, the supply of black rings would also come to an end, but that was a story for another time. As of now, it was time for the Blackest, Darkest night Earth had ever experienced.

We crave your life and your demise..

The Jester of Despair sat upon the mountain hills, staring up towards the dark sky. She knew the Order was watching her every move, ever since she returned. That was natural to say the least. Especially after the madness and chaos she inspired the moment she was excommunicated. The blood of thousands was on her hands. Her mind didn't run like others. The concepts, the thoughts, the overall process were torn asunder. What was left was a woman who moved on pure instinct with no morals or motives behind her crimes. She did what she wanted to do, because she simply wanted to. No dramatic back story behind it at all. This was what made the Order of the Black Rose either fear, or have a hidden respect for her. But all these thoughts soon came to an end as her dark eyes looked up to see a bright light heading down from the sky and directly towards her. Pressing herself to her feet, she'd raise a brow towards this thing shooting down like a arrow cutting through the air. What was it? Her body wished to move, but something in her mind told her to stay. To stay and see what this was. And as this dark light neared her, she heard a voice resonating in her ear. A grim, deep voice that simply said..

"Larah Sa'l Ghar of Earth - 616, Die."

And in that breath taking moment. That chill that spread across her pale colored skin: Larah Sa'l Ghar was transformed. The ring of death would be placed upon her finger. It sat comfortably. It embedded itself into her skin. And soon, the pale skinned Jester was bathed in a dark aura. Her clothes and skin took the appearance of decay, as her body seemed to be an undead husk. Pointing the dark ring towards the dark sky, she heard the thoughts of the dead running through her mind. The truth of death. The brink of death. The will of death. It all breached into her frontal lobe in such speeds that would cause the average human to peel away at their skin.

By my black heart, the dead shall rise!

Mother nature began to rot around the woman's decayed body, as the glowing insignia of the Black Star became apparent upon her chest.
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Die. [Training]
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