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 B rank abilities part one

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Soviet Jesus


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PostSubject: B rank abilities part one   Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:58 am


    Name: Symbiotic Regeneration
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Thanks to the symbiote bonded to him, Ray Morino can regenerate up to a single limb per post.

    Name: Symbiotic Skin
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim’s skin can repel small arms fire, melee damage delivered by anyone his strength or lower, and of course most bladed weapons.

    Name: Portals for Others(II)
    Rank: B
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: With his increase in power, Hiim can teleport anyone he is touching and that is willing in a split second. He can teleport up to one thousand two hundred and fifty pounds this way. If the subject is not willing it will take a second and a half of contact, he can also teleport anything that is fifteen pounds or under without even touching it. Furthermore he can now teleport to not only places he sees or has been, but is shown the location of(eg map).

    Name: Power of Rai
    Rank: B
    Power: Electric Manipulation
    Description: With his new power Hiim can control, manipulate, increase or decrease the speed of up to five electrical pathways. This can be things as simple as controlling five electrical devices or even bending five bolts of lighting. Anything with electrical current can be manipulated this way. Of course this does not include biological electricity.

    Name: Electrical Synapses
    Rank: B
    Power: Neuro Electricity
    Description: Now Hiim has only to get within a foot of his intended target to manipulate and understand their electrical pathways in their brain, he can also manipulate three of these pathways at once.

    Name: Symbiotic Child
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim can spawn loyal children who can then bond to other beings by coming into contact with them. They will take over the creature unless they have a higher rank of mental strength than Hiim himself, or they are willing participants. They will supplement a beings regular power, give the user the ability to teleport at a fixed C rank level, and give them access to normal symbiotic physiology. However at any time they can merge back with their “Father” giving their gained abilities back to Hiim. If a symbiote is bonded with you, you will need to take two flaws sonic bane, heat bane, and fire bane. The user will need to do a 4k training thread to gain a symbiotic relationship or else the user will be controlled by the symbiote (meaning I will get control of your character and send them back to the symbiote planet). It must be done within 48 hours of the infection time. At rank B, Hiim can spawn a total of six symbiotes.

    Name: Life Absorption
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim can drain someone of their vitality by x percent per post, and add it to his own making him temporarily stronger by that much for the rest of the topic. if he is touching the person he can drain 20% of their vitality in a single post.

    Name: Symbiotic Skin Manipulation
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: With this ability Hiim can manipulate his symbiotic skin into a myriad of things such as bladed weapons, horns, tails, tendrils, claws, needles and more. They retain the same speed, durability, and strength as Hiim himself.

    Name: Shape Shifting
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: Hiim can change his appearance to fit any desire, this will also change his scent rendering him completely like the subject in question only telepaths will be able to see through the guise. He cannot shift into anything that is not an animal or a human, or anything below five pounds or above five hundred.

    Name: Divided Mind
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: Hiim’s mind is split and as such cannot be manipulated or read in by psychics that are not mains(it will only delay them for two posts).

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PostSubject: Re: B rank abilities part one   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:39 pm

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B rank abilities part one
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