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The Daily Bugle

Senator Hines has revealed how mutants will be handled: Sentinels.

A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 Reemergence of the Star

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PostSubject: Reemergence of the Star   Reemergence of the Star EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 12:35 am

Donnille Hines
Like a shooting star...

The Biography

Reemergence of the Star Tumblr_mfnwh57vpN1rlf9wxo1_500

Birth Name: Donnille "Donny" Hines
Aliases: Formerly Red Arrow now Lone Star
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birth Date: April 4th
Class: Enhanced Human


Just like his mother his hair is naturally auburn and his eyes are teal. His hair style is rather military standard with a rather hipster spin on it. His skin color is rather tanned looking and that is because he is half Native-American and retains some of the skin color. Due to years of training his body type is well built with him looking like one big muscle. His height is that of 6 foot 1 and hi weight is about 203 pounds. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of a arrow with a cancel symbol over it.. Symbolizing his time as a professional archer. After fully becoming Red Arrow Donnille wears a mainly black leather suit with a red chest. His quiver is now attached with two gray shoulder straps connected across the chest, and his black gloves are fingerless.. Speaking of his gloves they reach through half of his forearm. His right glove is more of a sleeve actually because it comes up to the biceps and has two patches near the forearm.. But yet still fingerless. He has two pouches on each side of his thighs. One on his left one on his right each are gray and look about the size of a twilight book but are actually light because of their plastic nature. On his left calf he keeps a little slit where he stores mini tools such as a quickblade or a toothpick. Oh yes did I mention the domino mask kept on his face during his time being a hero?


That was how he originally looked before the New Jersey incident. After that he dyed his hair a much darker color and sports a different hairstyle with a more rugged appearance and a stronger body tone. Probably gaining about 22 pounds of muscle between these events Lone Star looks stronger and faster than his previous self. Now he wears a new suit nothing like his old one and this one being more symbolic.




Because of his life Donnille has grew up believing the world is a place that will turn its back on anyone who can't benefit it.. So he learned at a young age that being him could get him places he had never thought of being before. He would use life as his guide to success. He learned how to talk to females and make them drawn into conversation with him. He learned how to be cold and calculating if it meant he got the job done and he learned he had to take prisoners sometime and also sometimes it just wasn't worth it. Another thing he has learned throughout the years is that sometimes shutting off your emotions could do you some good.. So thats what he did. He learned how to shut his emotions off and become someone who people loathed but also someone certain people loved. Because of his time in the army he had become someone with great leadership skills which eventually carried over into his everyday life. When around people who needs information from the situation varies. He could be the meanest person in the world or the nicest person.. Even going as far as to have sexual relations with said person just to get what he needed from them. While around allies and friends Donnille is rather protective of them and gets defensive when someone threatens them. When around people he doesn't like or someone who is trying to hurt him Donnille is just in it for a fight. He loves a good fight and will throw down with anyone who is willing. He also has a weird sense of getting things done his way. He loves torturing people who won't subdue to any of his other methods which is something he learned while being held and captured in Beijing. When not being a hero or gathering intelligence from someone he is very quiet and to himself unless he is with his friends whom which he loves to have fun with.  After the New Jersey incident Lone Star took on a darker life and embraced his inner love to kill. Even tho he eventually got his memory back the urge to become the true hero he needed to be and not wanted to be grew stronger.

The Capability



    Main Specialty: Weapon Expert
    Sub Specialty: Physical Prowess
    Sub Specialty: Leadership


Weapons/Devices: (2 C-levels with weaponry Spec, 2 D-levels without it)

The Background

History:(At Least 2-3 Paragraphs)

Being born out of wedlock was exactly how the new born came into the world. His father was a Native-American and his mother was a wealthy heiress to a banking family which made a great living off other peoples fortune. After being born the couple named their child Donnille "Donny' Cory. Hines IV named after the three men who came before him including his grandfather his great grand father and great great grandfather.. On his mother side atleast. During the first few months of his life Donnille had a weird life because his grandfather loved him but did not approve of the relationship his father had with his mother.. He wanted to end it and do so at any cost. His original plan was to pay Donnille's father Barry Vines way out of town making him leave his family but making him wealthy.. But sadly Barry declined the offer. Donnille's grandfather Bill didn't take kind to say. He knew what he must do.. He hired some thugs and they kidnapped Barry telling him if he hadn't left town he would be hunted down and killed. Barry had complied only in 1 condition. He could leave his son a gift.. Bill agreed and the gift was a bow and arrows.

A few years later and Donnille was now able to walk and talk. He was living with his mother and grandparents in their mansion down at the hamptons. At the age he was which at the time was 7 he was going to ask alot of questions about his father which angered his mother because she never found out why he left them.. His grandfather ironically told him great stories of his estranged son in law whom he had gotten out of town. He would tell Donny stories of how his father was a world class archer and was going to be an Olympic gold medalist if it wasn't for his tragic death... Which happened about 3 years ago or said so by Bill. By the time Donny was 8 his grandfather had grown very ill and sick from lung cancer which was not being treated properly.. His grandmother had already died from smoke inhalation which seemed to be a gift from a mobster who felt he was entitled to the success of the Hines family.

About 5 months into his 9th year in life Donny had lost his grandfather and was now with his mother and continued to live in the mansion which was in the will and now solely belonged to Dana Hines who was the mother of Donny Hines. She would soon meet a man named Dustin whom she would soon marry and have a daughter with. The little girl was named Jeleesa Capri. Hines which made her the second girl in the family to bare that name seeing how it belonged to their deceased grandmother. Now with their perfect family made Donny would soon start receiving weird mail which his mother would take from him.. He hadn't known who or what it meant but it always said something about it almost being "time"... Dana knew what they meant but avoided telling her son for a reason.. She would then decide it was time to move and sell the house but her husband Dustin insured her whatever she was running from wouldn't cause her much harm if he had any say so.

About 5 years later Donny was 14 and he was practicing archery for about 4 years now.. He was going to follow in his fathers footsteps and his mother approved along with Dustins approval the couple would drive Donny to all his tournaments which he would win and made a name for himself as the Second Arrow which was a joke name since his father was The First arrow.. One day after rapping up a tournament which Donny lost a man approached him and told him he would like to take him under his wing and train him... A punch was thrown and it was Dustin hitting the man to the ground. Why did that happen? This man.. It was Barry whom was the father of Donny. Dustin asked Donny if it was okay for his father to be around and Donny said yes which prompted Dustin to apologize before walking away. Donny knew training with his father would be good learning experience and sadly so did his mother.. She would let Donny leave with his father whom mentioned training on Mt.Fuji.

After taking a copter to the site the two would begin training almost immediately but it wasn't in archery.. it was in close quarter combat. Barry was keeping something from everyone. He was someone who had vast skills in multiple martial arts and various places. He was going to teach his son this to prepare him for what was coming as he put it. Donny would ablige and he would start training and wouldnt stop until his legs gave out from under him. He would soon start to make progress as his father moved on to the next subject which was learning how to use weapons such as guns and daggers. The pair would training in that field for about 4 months before actually running out of food.. Barry decided his son had learned enough and then hugged him goodbye before knocking him out leaving him on the mountain before taking off in the copter.. When Donny awoke he was with a family who lived nearby... They would house Donny for awhile until his 18th birthday and he officially enlist himself in the american army who would take him back knowing they could get funding from his family.

By the time Dana and Dustin got the news Donny was joining the army his little sister had just turned 9. He was thinking back to when she was born and smiled as he hung up the phone as his mother started crying. He would then get on the plane which would take him down to his station over in Beijing, China. From there he met his unit whom which looked up to him as a leader because of his vast knowledge and skill on the battlefield. Soon an explosion happened and Donny's men would be killed and Donny was captured and tortured which included multiple gun wounds and the breaking of his ribs. He would be tied up by his hands and hung through all of this but he managed.. About a month into the torture he was freed by a hooded man whom left him a bow and arrow which looked like his fathers.. Wait maybe it was his father whom had freed him?

As Donny went back to his station he was released from the army on his own wishes and went back to New Jersey where he would see a new bow and arrow in his room which was left for him by his father... When noticing the arrow and bow were blue Donny began to take notice and decided it was time to take control of his life. He was going to protect people and do things the way he saw fit. If he thought someone should face justice or receive it he was going to do it in his way. At the age 19 he had officially become The Red Arrow and has been so ever since.

Soon after joining Shield trouble insued for the young hero whom was attacked and dethroned in his hometown of New Jersey by the clown mistress Jesteria whom then proceeded to wage war on the world and take hostage of the masses. The end result being in the botched death of Red Arrow. After these incidents Red Arrow was kidnapped and erased in way of the mind by his father but he had no knowledge of this until he got bitten by a wolf whom then gave him new found power and thus giving him his memory back. From that day on he has used the name Lone Star.

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Reemergence of the Star
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