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 Suicide Corps Weaponry Purchase

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The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke

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PostSubject: Suicide Corps Weaponry Purchase   Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:32 pm

Purchasing first three C ranked items with Suicide Corps Faction Prestige

    Item Name: Gas Powered - Magnetic Grappling Gun
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: Golden Laced Grappling hook with rubber handle for grip. Comes with a spool of over 300 meters wire with a magnetic hook at the end for a sturdy grip onto obstructs.
    Patent: (If you or someone else has this item patented)
    Item Image:
    Item Power: Can hold up to 600lbs, and can be used to traverse wide gaps, high obstacles, or used in combat to pull enemies closer. The hook shoots out at the speed of 80mph and works on powerful clockworks to reel in once pressing a button on the side.

    Item Name: White Phosphorus Grenades x4
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: four inch silver canister with pins. Rubber grip.
    Patent: -
    Item Image: -
    Item Power:
    Grenade releases toxic white smoke at a 7 meter radius that burns on contact. Can easily render someone immobile and on the brink of death/dead through direct skin contact and inhalation depending on the amount of contact. It burns clothes, skin, fuel, ammunition, etc when making contact. The smoke has a unique property of an incendiary, which means any sort of flame could cause it to ignite into a violent explosion, incinerating anyone unlucky enough to be within its range. Once explosion occurs, danger zone is spread out to an extra 3 meters.

    Item Name: Decoy - Sparkler x3
    Item Rank: C
    Item Description: A three inch round green ball that activates with pressure or blunt contact.
    Patent: -
    Item Image: (Not necessary)
    Item Power: The Decoy Sparkler sets off a number of bright colorful flashes (compared to a Flash Grenade) and extremely loud noises that resemble fire arms. It is used to claim the attention of anyone within the area who can hear or see (the sounds resembling gunshots which would take attention - Flashing colors which would also take attention working on human nature to be interested in colors -so ignoring it complete is nearly impossible). This sparkler goes off for two posts.

Suicide Corps == 47/47
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Lone Star

Lone Star

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PostSubject: Re: Suicide Corps Weaponry Purchase   Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:45 pm

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Suicide Corps Weaponry Purchase
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