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 Unlocking the Symbiote

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PostSubject: Unlocking the Symbiote   Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:37 pm

'So it's time huh? Time for you to come and evolve?' the snide remark was sent mentally from Ray Morino to his other half the symbiote, the chosen symbiote the one who would bring forth a new era.

'Fool, I have already evolved' the symbiote shot back at the other and chuckled at the finality of his sentence.

Let us begin...

Exploding into action they ran across the rooftops among the streets of their city, the windy city, soon to be the symbiotic city, known to all as Chicago nestled in the very heart of the nation known as America or the United States. Land of the free, hah what a lie, their freedom was just an illusion. Ah well, now was not the time for such pondering.

There was a gang after all threatening the stability of the fair city, with his newly unlocked powers Hiim would crush them like ants. Restoring a peace to the city that was ruled by an iron fist wrapped with velvet.
Jumping down from the building he would land atop one’s skull and crush the bone which protected the grey matter beneath allowing it to sluice free from it’s worldly prison allowing the first gang member to escape his earthly confines. A nice start, the symbiote thought together as it used the momentum as a platform to springboard from. Bitter would shout her malice now as thirty bullets left the clip in a metter of seconds in a horizontal arc taking down three of the gang members below Hiim.
With a wicked smile now that revealed his wicked teeth and prehensile tongue he unloaded yet again pulling the trigger and allowing Bitter to speak yet again with a single burst of noise that sprayed the lead in a concentrated blast which took one man through the chest exploding it into an eruption of red flowers. The bullets passed through him and the next two who had just gotten up from their chairs that lined the alleyway. That was done, one group gone their black ornate symbols that stood them out would be a mark of suicide, like a flag that told the garbage man to pick up the trash.
Hiim was cleaning his city after all, and with yet another smile he threw the gun up into the air where it disappeared from sight, already back at his office. And as such he was gone again too, to a place where he knew they met informed by the police which fit snugly into the symbiote’s pocket.
As he appeared on the desk of the boss, he would note his surroundings in an instant. It was an old abandoned warehouse near the docks which touched into Lake Michigan. The rust there was apparent but first he noted the office. One, two, three, four people…pathetic. Above him crackled a single light whose harsh glare was snuffed the instant following Hiim’s introduction.
As such just a snap kick to under the chin sent the man sitting in his stuffed brown chair spilling over it backwards in the darkness as the others withdrew weapons. Of course by then Hiim was gone; they did not know that however and shot each other their misguided defense dooming them as the symbiote knew it would. Now he was on the main floor, many more lights this time, and many more people.
“Hello friendssssss” the symbiote cackled with wicked glee as he disappeared yet again as the lead sprayed to his previous position. He was behind one now with outstretched hands, grasping and reaching towards the man before twisting and snuffing the life by breaking the neck with a dull snap that sounded like a waterlogged yet dry tree branch.
Before any of them noted his presence he was gone again and he had yanked the electricity from a machine in the middle of the building. It was not a lot of amps but enough to kill a few of them, and kill it did shooting forward from his hand before twisting to the left at an acute angle and crackling a man’s body shutting down the brain before arcing off to the next like some hungry white-blue snake. It downed four men in this fashion and the whole thing took the span of several seconds. By then the boss erupted from his office throwing the door from it’s hinges.
“Kill him you fools” he cried, fear evident in his wavering voice as much as the anger tried to cover it up. Odd how humans always delved into their anger to erase their fear, being calm in such situations would help. Well not this time as the man soon found out as a broken pipe erupted from his stomach.
“Peekaboo” Hiim said as he clutched his hands over the eyes of the dying man not allowing him any time to view the world as he slipped into death. That caused even more fear of course, the feeling of sight ripped from you as the cold crept into your limbs. Such an awful way to die, but hey the man deserved it. Hiim did not forget what had happened that drew his attention to this gang, after all he did not take care of all troublemakers on his own.
No, the memories were too painful, too much like his past. There were only bits and pieces now that were not repressed and swallowed by the black void of his mind.
A broken bear, stuffed, well not as much stuffed as it used to be.
A bleeding skull of a long dead child.
A letter stained with her blood.
They had no honor, none at all, no class and that sort of villainy was not something that Hiim could stand.
As the memories flooded in Ray blacked out and the symbiote took over, when he finally snapped back into reality they were gone. Only later did he learn that over forty people were killed that day. Over half had their throats ripped out and bite marks on them.
1005/1000 Chosen Symbiote Physiology attained.
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Unlocking the Symbiote
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