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 Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)

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Soviet Jesus


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PostSubject: Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)   Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:56 pm

'Do Not Steal' huh? Don't mind if I do.

The Biography

Birth Name: Ray Morino
Aliases: Hiim, Blink, Mr. M
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Date: 7/19
Class: Otherworldly

Appearance: There are three differing forms that the symbote (aka Chosen) enjoys taking.

Without the symbiote upon him, Ray looks like a regular human being, albeit one that one wouldnt wish to meet pissed off in an alley. His looks scream crime lord, but unfortunately or fortunately Ray did not inherrit the slick, black Italian hair. Instead he has a medium length, shaggy shock of light brown hair.
Ray prefers to wear white suits while in his normal form, and the tar of the symbiote spreads across him in an instant when he turns into Hiim.

Witty- Quick thinking Ray always has something to say, and is never stuck staling for a come back. He loves to engage others in wordplay, and will often just talk to hear himself speak.
Sarcastic- Sometimes Ray will deadpan and repeat something he thinks is obviously mentally challenged.
Sharp as a Tac- Ray has been making weapons for years, and his mechanic skills are as impressive as his powers. The symbiote known as Hiim can complete complex algorithms in his head in mere seconds.
Whats Yours is Mine- Ray has always been a good thief and believes that anything not guarded well enough deserves to be lost from their previous owner and transferred to Hiimself.

The Capability

Rank: B


    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: Weapons Expert


    Main Power: Teleportation
    Main Power: Electric Control
    Main Power:Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Sub Power: Neuro-Electrical Manipulation
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)
    Sub Power:(Leave Blank Until A-Level)

Abilities:(1 Free C-Level ability at Creation per power)

    Name: Erry Day we're portin'
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: This ability allows Hiim to travel to any destination he has seen before in his life. It also allows him to teleport to within eye sight of himself (EG he cannot teleport behind a rock in front of him but he can teleport onto the top of the rock).

    Name: Bending Currents
    Rank: C
    Power: Electric Control
    Description: Anything from shutting off an electric alarm to bending a lightning bolt, it is all under Hiim's control. At rank C he can only manipulate one thing(electronic device, arcs of electricity) at a time. Also at C rank he can power up a device, input a new target or objective, or power down a device.

    Name: Brain Touch
    Rank: C
    Power: Neuro Electrical
    Description: Once touching a person's head(hair, face, eyes, skull, etc) in an instant Hiim can move three electrical impulses or that is to say affect two things that the brain has control over. He can shut them off, or manipulate them in a way to do what he wants. As such upon touch Hiim will also understand what electrical impulses are happening and where.

    Name: Partial and Full Object Transplantation
    Rank: C
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: Hiim is able to move up to two objects at a time(if they are moving under forty miles per hour) with his powers of teleportation, if they are each under five pounds then it is not required for him to touch them. Instead he can simply will them to be where he wants them to be. However if these objects are over five pounds, but still under five hundred Hiim will have to physically touch any object he wishes to teleport. Three seconds contact is required expect for a willing person in which case only an instant touch is needed. Also while using this power he can decide to teleport an object partially without breaking it off from the main object. Ergo he could teleport half a tv and it would still work, leaving the person on the other end to see half a tv, and miss half the show.

    Name: Symbiotic Regeneration
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Thanks to the symbiote bonded to him, Ray Morino can regenerate up to a single limb per post.

    Name: Symbiotic Skin
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim’s skin can repel small arms fire, melee damage delivered by anyone his strength or lower, and of course most bladed weapons.

    Name: Portals for Others(II)
    Rank: B
    Power: Teleportation
    Description: With his increase in power, Hiim can teleport anyone he is touching and that is willing in a split second. He can teleport up to one thousand two hundred and fifty pounds this way. If the subject is not willing it will take a second and a half of contact, he can also teleport anything that is fifteen pounds or under without even touching it. Furthermore he can now teleport to not only places he sees or has been, but is shown the location of(eg map).

    Name: Power of Rai
    Rank: B
    Power: Electric Manipulation
    Description: With his new power Hiim can control, manipulate, increase or decrease the speed of up to five electrical pathways. This can be things as simple as controlling five electrical devices or even bending five bolts of lighting. Anything with electrical current can be manipulated this way. Of course this does not include biological electricity.

    Name: Electrical Synapses
    Rank: B
    Power: Neuro Electricity
    Description: Now Hiim has only to get within a foot of his intended target to manipulate and understand their electrical pathways in their brain, he can also manipulate three of these pathways at once.

    Name: Symbiotic Child
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim can spawn loyal children who can then bond to other beings by coming into contact with them. They will take over the creature unless they have a higher rank of mental strength than Hiim himself, or they are willing participants. They will supplement a beings regular power, give the user the ability to teleport at a fixed C rank level, and give them access to normal symbiotic physiology. However at any time they can merge back with their “Father” giving their gained abilities back to Hiim. If a symbiote is bonded with you, you will need to take two flaws sonic bane, heat bane, and fire bane. The user will need to do a 4k training thread to gain a symbiotic relationship or else the user will be controlled by the symbiote (meaning I will get control of your character and send them back to the symbiote planet). It must be done within 48 hours of the infection time. At rank B, Hiim can spawn a total of six symbiotes.


    Name: Life Absorption
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Hiim can drain someone of their vitality by x percent per post, and add it to his own making him temporarily stronger by that much for the rest of the topic. if he is touching the person he can drain 20% of their vitality in a single post.

    Name: Symbiotic Skin Manipulation
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: With this ability Hiim can manipulate his symbiotic skin into a myriad of things such as bladed weapons, horns, tails, tendrils, claws, needles and more. They retain the same speed, durability, and strength as Hiim himself.

    Name: Shape Shifting
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: Hiim can change his appearance to fit any desire, this will also change his scent rendering him completely like the subject in question only telepaths will be able to see through the guise. He cannot shift into anything that is not an animal or a human, or anything below five pounds or above five hundred.

    Name: Divided Mind
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiote Physiology
    Description: Hiim’s mind is split and as such cannot be manipulated or read in by psychics that are not mains(it will only delay them for two posts).

    Name: Quick Reactions
    Rank: B
    Power: Chosen Symbiotic Physiology
    Description: Thanks to the bonding with his symbiote Hiim is more agile, and can react and identify a problem almost instantaneously. His reactions and agility are so fast that he could dodge the gun's aim if fired at him from fifteen meters away.

    Name: Electrical Shield
    Rank: B
    Power: Electrical Manip
    Description: When this shield is in place, Hiim will glow with electrical energy. It will only appear when something comes into contact with it(two inches from his skin). When that happens if the object is below his rank it will be fried from existence immediately. This will also stop all inertia from the object and will protect the user from any sort of side effects the object has. If the object is above Hiim's rank it will go through the shielding but will still suffer damage from the lightning.


    Name: Pinhead's Aim
    Specialty: Weapon
    Rank: C
    Description: With any fire arm Hiim can hit the head of a pin from up to fifty feet with a hand gun, and three hundred yards with a long rifle. He can hit an orange from six hundred yards with a long rifle, and at two thousand yards he could still hit a volleyball with no worry. With a pistol he could hit the orange at two hundred feet, and the volleyball at six hundred.

    Flaw Name: Sonic Bane
    Flaw Type: Bane
    Flaw Description: Thanks to his symbiote Hiim will be unable to use any powers during times of intense sonic disruption (125 decibels) the symbiote will struggle to keep itself together and may retreat from the host's body if there is prolonged exposure(3 posts or more)

Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)

    Name: Bitter
    Description: Bitter fires a total of thirty rounds in under twenty seconds under the fully automatic setting, it has options for a single shot and a three round burst as well. It fires ten millimeter bullets, hollow point, and is crafted to slid right into Hiims hand. It has a lock on the trigger that will only react to symbiotic hands and as such cannot be fired by a normal human or even a super powered god.
    Origin: Hand crafted by Hiim

    Name: Bomb Pellets
    Appearance: Tiny grey pellets one inch in length and in diameter.
    Description: When thrown they explode with intense damage to anything within three feet, splash damage to anything within eight feet, and possible shrapnel damage up to fifteen feet away.
    Origin: Hand crafted by Hiim

    Name: Smoke Pellets
    Appearance: Tiny black pellets one inch in length and diameter.
    Description: When thrown they cast a cloud ten feet in diameter which clouds sight and causes coughing for those who are not expecting it.
    Origin: Hand crafted by Hiim

    Name: Sour (Modified Dragunov)
    Description: The Dragunov sniper rifle (formally Russian: Снайперская винтовка Драгунова, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD), literally "Dragunov's sniper rifle") is a semi-automatic sniper rifle/designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62×54mmR and developed in the Soviet Union.
    The Dragunov was designed as a squad support weapon, since according to Soviet and Soviet-derived military doctrines the long-range engagement ability was lost to ordinary troops when submachine guns and assault rifles (which are optimized for close-range and medium-range, rapid-fire combat) were adopted. For that reason it was originally named "Полуавтоматическая винтовка Драгунова" Dragunov's Semi-automatic Rifle.
    It was selected as the winner of a contest that included three competing designs: the first was a rifle designed by Sergei Simonov (known as the SSV-58), the second design, a prototype designated 2B-W10 by Alexander Konstantinov, and the third rifle, the SVD-137, a design submitted by Yevgeny Dragunov. Extensive field testing of the rifles conducted in a wide range of environmental conditions resulted in Dragunov’s proposal being accepted into service in 1963. An initial pre-production batch consisting of 200 rifles was assembled for evaluation purposes, and from 1964 serial production was carried out by Izhmash.
    Since then, the Dragunov has become the standard squad support weapon of several countries, including those of the former Warsaw Pact. Licensed production of the rifle was established in China (Type 79 and Type 85) and Iran (as a direct copy of the Chinese Type 79).
    It was modified to be highly resistant to damage, more so than it's already impressive resistance.
    Origin: Hand crafted by Hiim

The Background

History: Ray Morino, Italian Crime Lord from Chicago known for being a remorseless and ruthless leader was selected by a symbiote to bond with. Before the bonding, and even after Ray lead a huge family that took up the illegal activities of the south side of Chicago. Although deep in his crusty, pasta encrusted heart Ray was a good man with a single goal, the unification of the Chicago underground. It was his goals, and ruthlessness that made him a suitable canidate for the bonding process.
One day while finishing off a lesser gang Ray was seperated from his guards and that was when Hiim came into being. The new change in their leader unfortunately drove the gang apart and sent Ray to look for other super powered humans. Now he seeks to find his place among them, and control Chicago.
As Hiim he has controlled the crime of Chicago for the past three months, setting it into a neat and organized thing. He crippled the city and rose to power by teleporting into the vaults of banks after going through tours of said banks. In that way he funded his ideals, and put the government of the already corrupt city into a tight spot. Now there is no corruption besides the money that flows from taxes into supporting the defensive building up of Chicago.

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PostSubject: Re: Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)   Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:20 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)   Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:28 pm

Approved, though keeping this in this section so he can finish adding all new things
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PostSubject: Re: Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)   

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Hiim; Granddaddy Symbiote(Update)
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