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 Odd place to meet (Open)

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Ari Armello


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PostSubject: Odd place to meet (Open)   Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:23 pm

Usually it was hotter than hell in California but where he was was quite nice as he had to travel up to the foothills about an hour or two outside of los angeles to find out if the site some rich guy wanted to build his secluded summer home was a good job or a bad job. The foothills were not quite mountains yet they were definitely not the small hills that kids would play on, he had to walk the last bit as his dinky little mercedes would not have made the rest of the drive up here. Up here the air was fresher and the sun beat down a little less especially with all the tree's, as he walked up he took note of the ground, it seemed to made up of broken rocks and brittle dirt rather than being solid. It was completely uneven so the entire hillside here would have to be bulldozed over and flattened out before they could lay the base which would be complicated getting all of that crap up here he thought to himself calmly.

Ari was his name and when one looked at him they did not think that he was a simple young man working for a construction company, his hair caramel brown with a blond/orange streak in the middle gave him the typical delinquent look. Though he was far from that now at one point he was indeed what he looked like, now though he kept to himself not causing trouble for the people around him and keeping his ability all to himself. His clothing light and baggy being just jeans, a white tee shirt, and a small black hoody, the hood pulled over his head now as he took a look around to see if anyone was there. He felt a bit silly checking if anyone was around in such a secluded place but it was kind of a habit, he reached down and grasped one of the broken rocks within his right hand. A soft tinkling of metal could be heard as his revolving iron ring mover around just the tiniest bit, the rock was a multitude of colors with brown, pink, orange, and even a bit of green within it.

Suddenly the slightly tanned flesh of Ari began to change, that was not all though his clothing changed as well becoming the color of the broken rock that he was holding now, his hair and even his eyes became the same color. That was not the only part of his ability though as he changed colors he changed the texture of his clothing and flesh to match the rock, his hardness equal to the rock now which he proved by smacking a flat palm into the broken rock smashing it into smaller pieces now. He let the smaller pieces fall to the ground and then reached into his pocket for his cell phone, even with the transformation complete his voice did not change though it was hard to read the emotions of a living rock which is what he was at this moment. "No boss this job is more trouble than it is worth, the ground alone would make the days a pain in the ass let alone building up here" he explained calmly. He nodded "rest of the day off how nice, thanks boss" he said in a cheerful tone before he shut the phone off and pushed it back into his pocket "what to do now?" he asked himself curiously.
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Odd place to meet (Open)
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