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 The Stolen Weapon of Olympus

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PostSubject: The Stolen Weapon of Olympus   Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:19 pm

Stole this item off of Alethia, SOOO... I'mma be getting it for free and all that. Add it to my inventory. Also I'mma add more fluff to it to reflect on its nature as my weapon now.

Item Name: Spear of Olympus
Item Rank: C
Item Description: The dory or doru - pronounced "/dɒrʊ/" - (Greek: δόρυ) is a spear that was the chief armament of hoplites (heavy infantry) in Ancient Greece. The word "dory" is first attested in Homer with the meanings of "wood" and "spear". Homeric heroes hold two dorys (Il. 11,43, Od. 1, 256). In Homer and in classical period the dory was a symbol of military power, possibly more important than the sword, as can be deducted from expressions like "Troy conquered by dory" (Il. 16,708) and words like "doryktetos" (spear-won) and "doryalotos" (spear-taken slave). The dory was about two to three metres in length (six to ten feet) and had a handle with a diameter of two inches made of wood, either cornel or ash weighing 2 to 4 pounds (1–2 kg). The flat leaf-shaped spearhead was composed of iron and its weight was counterbalanced by a bronze butt-spike. But in this case, due to the Olympian nature of the weapon, it is made out of unknown wood materials and has the length of six feet, with also metal made from Olympus itself, hence the name Spear of Olympus.
Patent: N/A
Item Image:
Item Power: The Spear of Olympus looks like a normal spear used by ancient soldiers in Greece. This is one weapon of choice by Alethia, used to pierce her enemies, and is also used as a thrown projectile. This weapon grows stronger as she gets blessings from her fellow gods to fight Mount Olympus' enemies. This spear can puncture defenses equal and below its rank. But since Pyrrhus stole it from her after slaying the woman, it doesn't get the blessings of the Olympians, but is open for blessings from other cosmic beings. It still retains the capacity to puncture defenses below or equal to its rank, and retains its audible sharpness. The greatest insult Pyrrhus can impart upon Olympus for them being douchebags to him is to use their own weapons as his own prize.
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PostSubject: Re: The Stolen Weapon of Olympus   Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:22 pm

Approved, no training or purchasing needed.
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The Stolen Weapon of Olympus
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