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 Wandering Around [Speed]

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PostSubject: Wandering Around [Speed]   Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:19 pm

Nol had just finished a round of vigorous training in the central park of this large concrete city, and as such he was all sweaty. He would simply go over to the woman's house that he knew and use her shower, as she offered numerous times before. After that, he simply locked the door behind him and left her house, as she wasn't even there, but he left a note saying it was him, rather than a random burglar breaking in just to use the shower. Unlikely as it seemed, she wasn't the most brilliant person when it came to common sense. Nol then simply started walking the streets, in his usual dark red jacket, as he couldn't really wander around shirtless anymore, as the weather was getting far too cold for that sort of thing. That drew too much suspicion to him, even though he already stood out with his bright red gloves and white hair. The constant bandages on his face and across his forearms caused him to already stand out as some sort of fighter. Most people just saw him and thought of him as a gang member or something, with his constant wearing of the color red. The truth was, that Nol was still rather homeless, and this was the only outfit he had. He usually only wore his underwear when training, so his clothing wouldn't get horrible, but it was fairly bad, and he was glad that he found a woman that would allow him to come over and do laundry. Regardless of his status in New York, he refused to stay with the woman, simply because he knew any moment, he would have to leave the city and go to wherever Nameless wanted him to.

For now, Nol would simply make his way towards the restaurant district, because he was fairly hungry. And while he had food ready for him at the woman's house, he didn't want to be some sort of leech, so he would get his own food. He already had a fairly good business, sort of, helping people with whatever they needed help with. Mostly odd jobs that involved moving things or other manual labor, but he was fine with that. As he approached the pancake diner, he would walk in, and sit down. The waitress asked him what he wanted, and Nol checked his money, and noticed he had enough for a bunch of different things on the menu, so he simply ordered a stack of pancakes and orange juice. He wanted to make sure he tipped her, even though he thought it was ridiculous to award someone simply for doing their job.
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Around [Speed]   Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:31 pm

Joey was finishing up packing in new york, he had been here on vacation. To get time off from California, his caretaker and adopted mothers sister had left him in the care of a friend of hers. Joey finished packing his bag and left the house, giving one last smile to the lady who he had lived with for 3 months. He had packed only a few things for his trip, toothpaste and a toothbrush, 3 changes of clothes, and his costume. All of it fit snugly in his backpack. He had his wallet and spare change in his pockets, his silver hair combed neatly back. He walked down the street and up to a local pancake dinner, He opened the door and walked in to see it was fairly empty. A few old people eating pancake, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a man with white hair, he thought the guy was a hobo. Joey let out a small chuckle and got seated just behind him. He ordered his food and waited for it to arrive to his table.
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Around [Speed]   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:23 pm

Nol was simply waiting for his pancakes to arrive, sipping his juice periodically mostly out of boredom, because he never came into places like this for the scenery, nor did he enter this place for the people that were usually inside of it, mostly because they were almost all senior citizens, and he disliked talking to old people most of the time, as they constantly talked about things that happened in the past, and how much better life was back then. Well, with the Phoenix causing a bit of havoc, he was surprised that the seniors were still coming into diners and such, and he was also fairly surprised that the actual diner was still open and serving people. It was better to act as though nothing was happening than to riot I suppose, even though a riot would be rather fun. Nol looked around, as someone entered the diner. It was a tall skinny man, that appeared to be much younger than the others around here, and he decided to come and sit right next to Nol, even though there were plenty of other available seating areas in the diner. Well, it wasn't as if Nol cared, but opening a conversation with a random stranger that didn't end in Nol beating them up was rather rare, and he didn't feel like causing a big commotion here, because he just wanted his pancakes. The smirk that he had worn all the way here was still there, as it seemed to be permanently plastered onto Nol's face, and it was then, that he received his short stack of pancakes.

Nol then grabbed his fork, and started eating. He ate rather fast, with an attitude to eat it because it would allow him to survive, and not with the attitude towards it's deliciousness. He was eating just to get it inside of him, so it was fast and deliberate. He didn't like spending more time in that place than he had to, especially not with a guy sort of sizing him up it seemed. Nol would finish the pancakes rather fast, and then start working on his orange juice glass. He would down it extremely quickly, but a few drinks here and there while he waited for the battery cakes to reach his stomach. It was then that he decided to look at the guy that decided to sit right next to him. Nol already thought that he was strange, because he had that air around him that spoke of something different than the thousands of regular people that paraded the streets constantly in business suits, or the people trying to sell those suits a hot dog or some other form of salty snack on the sidewalks. The man had white or silver hair, much like Nol himself, which was definitely not common in this world he noticed. Usually the members of this species had yellow, brown, or red hair, because that was simply the genome that was passed down to them from their ancestors. Nol himself had received white hair because he was born in a world with very little light, so there wasn't any pigmentation to his hair, which would have most likely been blonde.

Nol simply glanced at the man, but then turned back to the table top area when the waitress came back with his bill. It was well under what he thought he was going to have to pay, so he used what he planned on paying, having the overflow be the girl's tip. He turned around in his stool, and then looked out the window at the once again crowded streets. It seemed that the lunch rush was about to happen, and the streets would be packed with cars that would barely go anywhere, seemingly stuck in massive amounts of traffic. Nol suddenly said something without thinking, not really putting too much thought into it. The sentence he said would have a certain connotation to it that the usual person wouldn't quite be able to detect, but the above average person would. Nol let out a deep sigh, "Man, this world is so boring sometimes." Nol would obviously hint at him not being from this world, or at least hint that the grand scheme of things is that the world is small and boring to him, meaning he thought of himself as a greater being. He wanted the man to respond, but if he didn't, Nol would just forget about trying to spark up a conversation, and simply leave, even though he didn't really have anything else to do that day.
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Around [Speed]   

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Wandering Around [Speed]
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