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A rumor traveled the circles of the supernatural. Mutants heard a safe, underground railroad was being started, inquire at the Summit. The beyond sought the strange power said to rest at the Summit of New York City. The gossip flitted amongst the rest: valuable information was to come to light when dawn broke over the Summit.
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 The Abomination [NPC Creature] WIP

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PostSubject: The Abomination [NPC Creature] WIP   Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:14 pm

The one that returns those to the void

The Biography

Birth Name: Betty Poprocket - Miss Mime - Scorpion Symbiote - The Clown - The Minotaur - Dark Flash
Aliases: The Abomination
Gender: Unisex
Age: 0 (Various)
Birth Date: September 13
Class: Unified


Its creation. Being separate, the team was vulnerable. Team work apparently wasn't in their vocabulary, much less their actual thinking process. To overcome this, there would need to be a point of unity. In this domain that unity could occur. This flesh avatar the clown currently wore would begin to burn in the flames of hell. What was left was a shadow of his former self. A black and green miasma that would spread its embrace over the five other members. The Black Flash would be forcefully broken apart into its basic compound. The Kinetic Energy it liked to call the Speed Force. This would wash over the Minotaur like a wave, fusing itself into the beast's very being. The Symbiote would spread out across the Poprocket and Mime, pulling both together within its black abyss like the parasite it was. The two black masses would then form into one, under the ghost's guidance, and soon the figure of the Minotaur would be bathed in the symbiote's presence. On its chest was the mark of the Dark Flash. Around its body was what appeared to be an outline of flames, most likely stemming from Betty's powers over the element. It seemed the heat was circulating outward, keeping the symbiote safe from any such blazing temperatures. On the monster's back was a tail extension that seemed to be related to the symbiote. However, it seemed to be able to take multiple shapes instead of just a tail like before. The only two that didn't have clear properties on the abomination would be the Mime and the Clown. Well, the clown would fix this, as the green hued miasma would pour out from behind the Minotaur, forming his ghostly figure as another extension. Another set of eyes perhaps. The area around the Abomination seemed to cause the aura to pop, as black bubbles of pure kinetic energy, most likely from the Dark Flash, appeared like steam. This Abomination was finally created. A being with the power of six, merged into one. With one primal roar that shook the souls trapped in the river styx, the beast was gone in a hellish rift. The beast is a literal tank, standing at 15 feet and weighing more than two tons.


The Abomination

Six minds under one unity. This being is controlled by The Clown and follows the orders of Hades himself. This, however, can be changed when certain precautions are addressed. As a way of loopholing the system, and removing the blaring weakness of his stipulation, the clown uses the combined bodies of the others to do his job for him. His own personality comes into play when it comes to their actions. Removing the weakness of their feeble minds and replacing it with instinct and order, the Abomination is the ultimate creation to reclaim the souls taken from the underworld; among other things. Being a combination of six, it is more than just a man or monster. Its a new creation entirely.

Betty Poprocket

The foulmouth arsonist. Born in the backwoods of Beumont, Texas, Betty always had an act for fireworks. When her mutant abilities manifested, she was more than estatic to put her limits to the test. As she grew older, the targets she wished to demolish would grow in size aswell. Soon she found herself as a hometurf terrorist, going after any symbol that resembled hope or would catch the eye of the masses. Unlike others, she believed her explosions were master pieces. And art style that could not be compared to others, and she made sure to emphasize on this with each demolition job she took.

Miss Mime

Not much is known about the Mime herself. She never speaks, and her emotions are quite stale. Though similar to Betty Poprocket with her appreciation of art, Miss Mime's is much more subtle. Her alliance is shaky at best, but it isn't to be mistaken for being disloyal. When she gets a job, she is sure to complete it with the utmost efficiency.

Scorpion Symbiote

Created in a controlled environment, the symbiote was created in an attempt at bonding with a host and enhancing all of its genetics. This mass was completely man made, giving it no connection to any other symbiote that may have come from the stars. The first subject it would be bonded with would be a scorpion, giving it the scorpion's qualities and strengths. However, it lacked any knowledge until absorbing the life force of a human and gaining a more human physiology. With this came knowledge, like the ability to speak and communicate. It also gained self awareness.

The Clown

Unknown. On the surface the Clown seems to be playful, but previous matters seem to show a sort of sniveling anarchist beyond that. The Clown, though scheming, was created by Hades, and thus follows his orders solely. However, if the god was to lose his place, or life, the Clown would be free from control and stipulation.

The Minotaur

Not the smartest member of the Sinister Six; actually far from it. The Minotaur is a definition of a brute, and usually relies on brawn to power through any situation. This has been one of its main weaknesses, as it has easily been tricked in the past and could possible be tricked in the future aswell.

Dark Flash

A government experiment created to keep Ms. Flash in check. The monster is extremely fast and has no sense of humanity. It is energy itself, created from a broken man. It is a force of pure energy focused into shape. Seems to have a fascination with other beings who can match its speed, and acts like a vampire in a way. Leeching them of their speed and momentum.

The Capability

Rank: N/A


    Main Specialty: Projection
    Sub Specialty: N/A



Miss Mime Abilities:

Symbiote Abilities:





Weapons/Devices:(2 D-Level weapons if you have weaponry spec if not you start with none)



The Background


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PostSubject: Re: The Abomination [NPC Creature] WIP   Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:58 pm

Getting Symbiote information from Revel and Mockingbird's app off permission
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The Abomination [NPC Creature] WIP
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