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PostSubject: Abomination   Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:03 pm

The Flames of Hell burned thoroughly, yet these specific six seemed unaffected by its blaze. Standing in what appeared to be a barren marsh, the green haired clown kept a hand over his hat. "That could have possibly been better. However, it seems that the Nameless one has achieved a mind altering ability over his years on Earth. Three of you are extremely susceptible to this, so if we are going to achieve our goal, we'll need to abolish this main weakness." The rest of the team stood side by side, however something was odd. They weren't responding, and all stood still. No smart mouth. No bickering amongst one another. What was the reason to this? Well on Earth the clown had to follow certain stipulation, but here in the Underworld those stipulations were removed completely. Thus, he had no limitations on his abilities. He was a god in this realm. Being separate, the team was vulnerable. Team work apparently wasn't in their vocabulary, much less their actual thinking process. To overcome this, there would need to be a point of unity. In this domain that unity could occur. This flesh avatar the clown currently wore would begin to burn in the flames of hell. What was left was a shadow of his former self. A black and green miasma that would spread its embrace over the five other members. The Black Flash would be forcefully broken apart into its basic compound. The Kinetic Energy it liked to call the Speed Force. This would wash over the Minotaur like a wave, fusing itself into the beast's very being. The Symbiote would spread out across the Poprocket and Mime, pulling both together within its black abyss like the parasite it was. The two black masses would then form into one, under the ghost's guidance, and soon the figure of the Minotaur would be bathed in the symbiote's presence. On its chest was the mark of the Dark Flash. Around its body was what appeared to be an outline of flames, most likely stemming from Betty's powers over the element. It seemed the heat was circulating outward, keeping the symbiote safe from any such blazing temperatures. On the monster's back was a tail extension that seemed to be related to the symbiote. However, it seemed to be able to take multiple shapes instead of just a tail like before. The only two that didn't have clear properties on the abomination would be the Mime and the Clown. Well, the clown would fix this, as the green hued miasma would pour out from behind the Minotaur, forming his ghostly figure as another extension. Another set of eyes perhaps. The area around the Abomination seemed to cause the aura to pop, as black bubbles of pure kinetic energy, most likely from the Dark Flash, appeared like steam. This Abomination was finally created. A being with the power of six, merged into one. With one primal roar that shook the souls trapped in the river styx, the beast was gone in a hellish rift.

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